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3DS Models

Models with .3ds extension are used by Autodesk 3ds Max software for 3D modeling and animation. It was the native file format of the first release of Autodesk Studio DOS (versions 1 through 4). Over time, it has evolved into a standard format that allows for the storage of virtual spatial models and their export to various 3D programs. ARCHISPACE offers various kinds of 3ds models, available completely for free, after registering or logging in on our portal.

Free 3ds Objects

3ds objects contain grid data, material characteristics, bitmap references, group data smoothing, viewport configuration, camera locations, lighting information and object animation data. The free 3ds object available on ARCHISPACE all consist of snippets of data that contain an ID and a short description length. The extension stores shapes, lighting, and viewing information that together form a three-dimensional scene. To download thousands of free 3ds objects on ARCHISPACE, simply log in.

3ds files library

Files with an extension ‘.3ds’ are mainly used by Autodesk 3ds MAX. They are designed for 3D modeling and animation as well as visualization of three-dimensional objects. ARCHISPACE offers over 10000 of 3ds files in its library, which you can download for free. Create an account and use them for free with over a million of files waiting for you at The 3ds file library is just one of many other files that you can choose to download after logging on to