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BIM Models

BIM - building information modeling is a very well-known design philosophy. The files contain informations that create a database about the design of the building. Every single element is defined (walls, windows floors, etc.), and a model itself is a picture which summarizes all of those elements. BIM models include information such as dimensions, surface, volume, insulation, and more. We invite you to register on and download the BIM Models available on the portal.

Free BIM files

Sign up for in order to simplify your design work and download free BIM files. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a tool that allows you to manage a building's life cycle. With BIM, you can get three-dimensional projects, store building information, and manage it in a three-dimensional environment. Sign up for and download free BIM files and more.

Search and download BIM models

Use the search engine and find exactly the file you are looking for to implement in your project. Find and download BIM models - these are currently some of the most sought after files for designers. On you will find over a million files: SKP, RFA, DXF, 3DS, RTE, GSM, ACO, DWF, PDF and many more. Advanced search engine will help you find the right solution for your project. Log in and download files that are ready for use. Register now.