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XCEL Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
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Who we are?

We are a Polish representative of the American company XCEL Inc - we are distributing products throughout Europe.
The worldwide success of the brand Xcel owes its undisputed quality, which is the result of strict internal procedures, and compliance with international standards ISO 9001 are equally important for our technical solutions, and experience the best of American engineers. To date we observe the market trends, we gladly work with your architects.

In each of the countries in which we currently operate, we are perceived as a style icon and a guarantor of quality. Demanding customers which we are pleased to support, we expect professional advice and individual approach. They need fences made of materials of the highest quality, for decades not changing its form. For their part, we want to provide you with a lot more - noble appearance, which also well fit in with the modern character of the buildings.

Our fences can now be found in many prestigious addresses. Sense of aesthetics and elegance that makes products designed correspond with contemporary and traditional architecture. Among our clients are state institutions (museums, theaters, airports, galleries) and private individuals (estate, housing, industrial buildings).

In the United States the fence deserves to be called a professional and dignified command must first of all pay attention to quality of workmanship and interesting visual form. The huge competition sets a high bar against producers. Without exaggeration, we can boast of success in this demanding market.

We will make every effort to work with us was a source of satisfaction for you and fulfill all the expectations placed in us.

Quality Policy

The main challenge for the manufacturer fencing is primarily quality. Our reputation was built on attention to every detail to create a product durable and reliable.
Modern technology, solid materials and patented solutions have been key to achieve market advantage, and above all, trust and customer satisfaction.
We created systems with elegant and fashionable designs, and comprehensive support for the entire duration of the investment.
Today we can proudly say that in the eyes of our customers XCEL are:
Let's put it succinctly. In the eyes of customers Xcel is:
  1. Predictability - it ensures ISO 9001 certified.
  2. Innovation - evidenced by numerous patents.
  3. Modernity - we use technology far beyond the standards.
  4. Perfectionism - our specialists take care to maintain the quality of the smallest details.
  5. Innovative design - follow, but first of all set new trends.
  6. Openness - understanding of the customer is the best gateway to success.
  7. Pricing policy - as befits the leaders can not afford to dictate prices. We are always attractive.




Patents Technologies

Our technology is protected by law in the United States and Europe. Patented clip system SecureSnap. Most of the proposed technical solutions based on innovation and functionality. Special attention we have for the quality of our products - production mainly it based on rigorous standards that must meet each element of the fence.
As a result, items from our offer for many years, will not corrode, and retain their original properties. The product has been designed in such a way that the installation was as simple and fast. Thanks to these characteristics gained trust of many customers in the United States, and now also in Europe.



20 years of protection from corrosion!


For at least twenty years corrosion will not spend you awake at night. Excellent stainless corrosion protection using dip galvanized, cleaning phosphorus, epoxy coating and powder coating. With this solution, the fence is resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion and erosion, and importantly does not require seasonal maintenance. On the other hand, powder coating ensures an even distribution of paint, and the area is free from contamination.


As a result, the fence looks very aesthetically pleasing, and is resistant to humidity, rain or snow.



No splices - no rust!

Welded connecting decades were the reason for worries fencing. Not only does this reduce the aesthetics cause significant weakening of the steel structure which increases its susceptibility to damage and erosion. Grinding provides better visual effect but is expensive and time consuming.

We have eliminated these problems by using the original clip system. This solution is only guaranteed by our company - we protect them relevant patent. Of course, perfection solutions do not measure only the visual effect. Simple assembly is a fundamental advantage. In particular, areas with significant steep slope. Span adjusts to the inequalities, which reduces the time and reduces costs considerably.


Instant installation!

The combination spans the posts will require only the tool and screwdriver. Speed of work and its surprising simplicity compared to traditional, arduous connection method. It should be stressed that it was switching elements are of crucial importance for the stability and durability of the fence. Specially designed vents that make it possible to adjust the spacing of the posts. An error will be much, much more troublesome.


Easy installation on slopes!

Setting the fence on the hillsides on the one hand, time-consuming, laborious, and most importantly, expensive. At least so far that was.

Thanks to our innovative technology combining elements span SecureSnap, specially designed mounting obejmom QuickLink and FlexLine eliminated these imperfections.

SecureSnap instead of the traditional welding parts, allows for free adjustment angle of the span, without interference in its structure. Additional measurements, structural adjustment will not be so necessary. Enclosures can be mounted in areas with a slope of account value of up to 22o.


Moving clips!

Speed and ease of installation podporządkowaliśmy all efforts. A significant part of the cost of these results, which is why our solutions are so valued. The simplicity of installation, reduction of working time crew has been achieved, inter alia, by means of mounting brackets. Designed for mounting on steel posts with success they are also useful in the case of clinker or concrete. Wherever you can use screw anchors or chemical anchors and will use our mounting brackets. While standard mounting brackets make it possible to span only in a straight line, we have no such restrictions and allow for smooth adjustment account "twist" fence. Circle, the shape of the letter "S" does not preclude our flexible technology FlexLine.


Fencing safe!

Wherever the need for security, risk mitigation is a priority value, particularly in public places - schools, kindergartens, parks, recreational facilities are used fence-style Vail and Cortina. They do not have sharp, above all, dangerous and ends are corrugated. Convenience and safety are the main advantages of the system SafeEdge that guarantees the elimination of the risk of injury to almost zero.


The non-invasive supplements!

System add-ons allow you to modify the appearance of the fence and completely change its character. They are made from high quality aluminum which is covered with powder. The special assembly system allows you to install add-ons at any time - during fences or after the work is completed. Installation additives span takes place by means of rivets made of stainless steel.

The offer includes two types of additives. Hot Wheels is a classic and proven design that will give any fence style and elegance. Butterflies are a versatile addition, well matched to the ornamental fences.


Millions of colors to choose from!

The modular construction of the fence allows for non-standard way of painting. Each of the elements making up the fence can be painted in a different color. This allows dopasoanie colors of the fence to the existing architectural elements, as well as to the color applicable to the company. Created compositions allow you to stand out from the other fences and refer to current trends. Using bright colors, you can select important sites or warn against the dangers. There are thousands of colors, but the main base tworzoą RAL colors.