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Grupa Prefabet S.A.

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Grupa Prefabet S.A.
Świerże Górne
26-900 Kozienice
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+48 59 82 161 34

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Appendix to the Declaration of Conformity
Certificate of Factory Production Control
Declaration of Conformity of 03.04.2006
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About us

Genesis Group Prefabet SA

Belongs today to the Irish international group of manufacturers of building materials - CRH. Group Prefabet SA has its headquarters in Upper Świerże near Kozienice. For years in the construction industry it is recognized as a leader in the production of aerated concrete, with a capacity of up to 1 ml m 3 per year.

History Group Prefabet dates back to 1951, when it was first started to produce cellular concrete in Poland in the Department Reda. For the year of establishment of the Group it is deemed to 2,004 years, when Prefabet Kozienice with Prefabet Reda, transform legal form to a joint stock company and emit its shares on the stock exchange. In subsequent years, to join another group entities: AHG Żelisławice, Prefabet Long angle SA and Prefabet Niegocin Sp. z oo currently owned by the Group holding a majority of shares is CRH - Group Ozarow.

The company offers its range of white and gray concrete cell variants from 400 to 600, and widths from 60 mm to 420 mm.


Aerated concrete and its properties

Aerated concrete is produced by GROUP PREFABET is offered in a variety of white and gray. The color of the product determines whether it is made of sand or fly ash. Only the plant in Upper Świerże has in its offer gray concrete, the remaining plants produce white blocks and tiles. The advantage of gray concrete cell is its high thermal insulation properties. Contrary to prevailing opinion about the alleged radioactivity autoclaved aerated concrete laboratory tests by independent scientific organizations, confirm a very low content of radioactive elements well below acceptable standards.

General information about the product

Blocks and plates of cellular concrete are the basic product PREFABET GROUP SA The difference between the blocks and plates is arbitrary, since the product with a thickness of less than 24 cm is called tiles, and thicker blocks.