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STOLBUD Włoszczowa

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STOLBUD Włoszczowa
Jędrzejowska 74
29-100 Włoszczowa
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Sławomir Kalicki, coordinator,, tel. +48 515 116 573

+44 07507 134 767

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Mission, vision, quality policy

Our Vision

Stolbud Włoszczowa SA For more than 40 years of passion and dedication creates windows and doors made of wood and PVC, combining acquired from years of knowledge and experience of its employees with modern technology.

We want to be a company that understands and meets the needs of customers in terms of product and service. A company that is constantly evolving, creating products of the highest quality, respecting the principles of environmental protection. We want our company to be a place that meets the expectations of employees, ensures safety and ergonomics, gives you the opportunity to acquire and improve their qualifications.


Our Mission

The mission Stolbud Włoszczowa SA It is to strengthen the brand and the company's leadership in the production and distribution of windows and doors made of wood and PVC. The overriding goal is to care for the highest quality of our products and the high level of service, with special attention to relations with customers and business partners. Mission adhere to the principles of environmental protection, ergonomics and work culture.


Policy Quality Management

Environmental Protection, Safety and Hygiene Work.

Stolbud Włoszczowa SA It is a manufacturer of joinery wood and PVC and heat. Production is carried out in accordance with the principles of environmental protection, health and safety of employees and meets customer requirements and expectations.

Our ultimate goal is to increase the market value through the process of creating and raising the level of satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

Customer satisfaction is treated as a measure of the quality of our products and the necessary condition for the development of the company. We aim to strengthen the brand Stolbud, to be associated to our customers with commitment and professionalism at every step of our business.


The main objectives realized through:

• dynamic marketing and improving the quality of products

• trust and loyalty by keeping lead times and provide professional service

• compliance with legal requirements and other requirements of the organization in terms of production, environmental protection, occupational health and safety

• improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes through their monitoring and improvement

• inclusion of our suppliers and subcontractors in the structure of the company

• raising the level of knowledge and skills of employees at all levels of management and performance and to build awareness that responsibility for the quality, environment and safety is synonymous with responsibility for all employees for the company

• prevention of occupational accidents and potential accidents, occupational diseases and environmental pollution, and emergency situations

• striving for continuous improvement of occupational health and safety and pollution prevention

• partnership with our contractors and business partners

• meet the needs and expectations of customers

The Board Stolbud Włoszczowa SA undertakes to provide the means to achieve the objectives of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety and to meet the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.