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Projects: Housing New Orłowo in Gdynia.
The system for leveling and installation of wooden floors and terraces has been used for assembly of decking on balconies estate Orłowo New Gdynia. Main investor: Invest Komfort.
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Realizations: Hotel Mera Sopot
System installation and leveling of wooden floors and terraces was used for finishing work Hotel Mera in Sopot.
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System installation and leveling terraces, raised floors and wooden floors on joists.

The Danish system for mounting and leveling terraces and floors on joists Harpoon.

System consisting of feet and leveling wedges with a number of extras, this solution is simple, economical, durable and lightweight. Indispensable for the need to raise the floor or terrace in the range from 30 mm to 290 mm.

The basic elements of the system are footer and wedges, which set the bracket. This element is sometimes often occurs under the names bracket adjustable bracket on different levels, support the joist, leveling feet. Regardless of the name used to raise the joists on which is to be placed terrace, wooden floor, sports floor or blind floor on the right poziom.W system consists of 4 types of feet, 3 types of wedges and 2 types of stands, all the pieces fit together. This allows you to combine them freely in gaining height bracket.

The basic use of the system, the leveling and installation of:
- Floors on joists,

- Terraces.

The floor on joists raised on supports Harpoon creates space for installation and warming. The design is light and durable. Load capacity of a single point of support is 400 kg.



bracket Harpoon

Complementary elements of the system:

Protective plate that allows the system to use on surfaces that require protection against damage, such as roofing, construction foil, geowłuknina. Thanks to a specially smoothed edges and a special composition mix, creates a secure base in the bracket. Increases the surface pressure on the substrate, which is perfect for XPS boards.

Washer reinforced rubber plate protection is designed to provide additional noise suppression. Thanks to its use, greatly reduces sound transmission through the floor to the rooms located below. Further reduces the pressure point of the bracket.

Damping is also used to mute the floor.

Washer Sports is dedicated for floors in sports facilities, its special shape gives the floor resilience while protecting reducing unwanted vibrations.