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Gen. L. Okulickiego 7/9
05-500 Piaseczno
Contact persons
Małgorzata Bęza, Manager ds. inwestycji,, tel. 516 188 084

+48 800 200 05 65

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TechnoNICOL  - TechnoNICOL  - Factory APLISENS- Radom - 5100m2
TechnoNICOL  - TechnoNICOL  - Gallery Bawełnianka
TechnoNICOL  - TechnoNICOL  - Insulation garage in Legnica
TechnoNICOL  - TechnoNICOL  - LEROY MERLIN - Pulawy - 14 000 m2
TechnoNICOL  - TechnoNICOL  - Mercury Logistics Center Market - Straszęcin - 5500 m2
TechnoNICOL  - TechnoNICOL  - MERCURY MARKET - Tarnobrzeg
TechnoNICOL  - TechnoNICOL  - MERCURY MARKET - Tarnow
TechnoNICOL  - TechnoNICOL  - NEWAG - Nowy Sacz - 3000m2
TechnoNICOL  - TechnoNICOL  - RCMB


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About company

TechnoNicol Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-tech and reliable insulation systems. A comprehensive approach to the production of roofing materials, widely developed network of branches and flexible sales policy allows the Corporation TechnoNicol gain a leading position in the market of building materials.

Acting on the market since 1993. The Corporation TechnoNicol gained extensive experience in the production of waterproofing materials, thermal insulation and sound insulation. Therefore, today TechnoNicol proposes to market cutting-edge materials and technologies, combining global experience and develop their own scientific and research center. Co-operation with design offices and architectural studios, allows the Corporation quickly and flexibly respond to changes in customer requirements.

Today TechnoNicol Corporation is a 34 manufacturing facilities in Russia, the Czech Republic and CIS countries, 140 sales offices in 35 countries around the world, a group of co-workers, consisting of 6,000 skilled professionals, the efficient delivery of more than 50 000 objects of our customers.

The quality of materials TechnoNicol has been tested by professionals on the area of over 700 000, 000 square meters in the last 10 years. Climate hot deserts and arctic cold testing of our materials under extreme conditions.

TechnoNicol IN POLAND

The first transactions in Poland took place in 2003. Since 2005, it operates a representative office of the Corporation under the name TechnoNicol POLAND SP.Z OO We are distributing materials produced by the Corporation on the Polish market through wholesalers, building warehouses, retail chains. We are also present on the market for large investments. The professional team of Technical Advisors of Commerce can assist our clients in every distribution channel.