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Sopro Bauchemie GmbH

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Sopro Bauchemie GmbH
PO Box 420152
65102 Wiesbaden
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Our mission We are here to offer complete systems, construction chemicals and professional advice. Our knowledge and experience in creating high-quality products confirmed by European certificates, this is your guarantee of safety and savings for years! We strive to ensure that products Sopro always been first and intuitive choice of professionals and all those who rely on reliable building solutions.    strong brand Sopro offers a complete range of products for tiling work and construction. Using consistent strategy of brand management, we have become a leading specialist in our field. The best proof of this is Sopro No.1 - known and recognized throughout the construction industry highly flexible adhesive for ceramic tiles. Strong makes us a combination of two experiences: many years of know-how in the production of cement and equally important competence in the production of construction chemicals. This doubled the strength can give you only Sopro.    Excellent quality products A wide range of construction chemicals Sopro with a high share of new products provides a complete needs of all market segments glazurniczego and construction. The quality of our products is oriented with the high demands of professionals that use them. And that means: convenient and simple to use, high security, and calculated on years of life, as well as compliance with technical standards and safety regulations and environmental protection. That's all we reaffirm certified by independent and recognized research institutes.     Our products meet stringent European standards Concerned about your satisfaction we strive to continually improve our products so that they always comply with the latest European standards and supporting the use of special properties. Our extensive, multi-stage control system allows you to maintain the highest world standards.   We focus on professional distributors Distribution channels of our products have one common denominator: professionalism. Whether it will be a specialized listyczny store, warehouse or network: The final recipient will meet with friendly service and expert advice. Require our technologically advanced, used generally in a system products. This promotes sales strategy focused on trust and long-term cooperation. Because the end of the end of the most important for us rze- mieślnicy, individual investors and institutional investors - people who have chosen our products.   Best price-performance ratio Sopro invests in research and development. The result: powerful, innovative products and product systems set new standards work tiling and construction. Sopro products have unique characteristics and as such .: fugue pearl Sopro Saphir® resistance to water penetration, high strength grout SoproDur HF 8 iSoproDur HF 30 incredible resistance to load, and a unique means of injection Soprodur® suitability for the renovation of voids under the tiles and facings. Using at the reasonable price policy, we can present to their customers an extremely competitive offer.   We care about the customer after the sale Our sales representatives and technical advisors serve end customers (eg. Craftsmen or individual investors) through distributors or directly. Systematically we support the design offices and architectural preparation for tenders and in the work of the current. Quick effects can bring our counseling conducted directly at the site where the individual can discuss specific issues and product solutions and system. This is all supported by an active, clever marketing - makes the Sopro brand generating its customers big, tangible benefits.      A complete program of construction chemicals Sopro offers a one-stop full set of construction chemicals to work tiling, construction, garden construction, renovations and insulation works. This means for the customer by far simpler procedure for submission and execution of orders, logistical advantages and the ability to purchase products perfectly consistent with each other. This happens range of product systems that solve all of the most urgent problems of building, like the system of laying tiles on terraces and balconies eliminating damage mrozopochodne system clinker masonry without efflorescence or proven and that has encountered widespread recognition system sealing swimming pools ..    Consistently walk the path of progress The huge power of innovation makes excellent quality and efficient products Sopro offer very interesting - for both the craft and conscious individual investors. Worthy of special attention: a very high share of new products in the palette assortment. Here's proof that our attention is constantly focused on optimizing what is proven and developing new, forward-looking solutions are used in more specific cases.    The unique features make the difference Our products have a lot of individual, unique features, and it makes a difference to speak at their advantage. These are products which features speaks the language specifics. Such as high strength mortar Grouting SoproDur HF 8 / SoproDur HF 30, means injection into cavities under the tiles Soprodur® or water-permeable drainage mortar Sopro DM 610 - proven way to avoid efflorescence and damage mrozopochodnych on balconies and terraces located on the outside of buildings. Or another example: innovative, resistant to water and dirt, pearl mortar fugowaSopro Saphir® independent certificate confirming its exceptional resistance to water obtained through technology Hydrodur®. So specifics mountain.