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Simpson Strong-Tie U.K.

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Simpson Strong-Tie U.K.
Cardinal Point, Winchester Road
B78 3HG Tamworth, Staffordshire
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Telephone: (44) 1827 255 600
Fax: (44) 1827 255 616

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About company

COMPANY Simpson Strong-Tie

Our company is the undisputed leader in connectors for wood, acting on 6 continents.
We employ dozens of engineers around the world whose mission is to support clients and the constant development of products to meet the needs of ever-growing market of building materials.
Despite the global reach we are always close to our local partners: the studio and design offices, investors, contractors and distributors. Mark Simpson Strong - Tie is associated with products that guarantee the highest safety standards.

The portfolio of our company is more than 6,000 shapes and sizes for any connections among elements of each design laminated timber, lumber and wood-based materials.
A large selection of connectors allows you to build objects of sports halls, large and complex architecture of public buildings, modern churches, the houses, sheds and pergolas on the ending. Connectors are good for both the frame construction and the roof rafters to brick buildings.

Our policy


We help clients ascend safer structures with less.
We do this by designing, constructing and producing special fittings and accessories. Our products meet and exceed the needs and expectations of customers. Our employees feel responsible for the quality of the products. All are engaged in maintaining the efficiency of the quality assurance system.

Ownership structure

Ownership structure

The joint stock company Simpson Strong-Tie previously was called BMF Bygningsbeslag. Today the company is a subsidiary listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the American company Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. In Europe, the company Simpson Strong-Tie has production units in Denmark, Great Britain and France. Exports from Denmark supports 60% of the market in the Nordic countries, as well as Eastern Europe and Russia. The link with the parent company provides the company with a strong and stable foundation, so that year after year, Simpson Strong-Tie can place particular emphasis on innovation and development.



Our employees are deeply involved in his job, constantly improving their skills
and expand their expertise. Our work is an expression of the underlying values ​​of our company philosophy.

Our decisions are thoughtful and socially responsible. We set our own standards; we do not measure our performance standards competitors.

We fill obligations and act so that you can always trust us. When you run into a problem, we solve it - do not sweep it under the carpet. We believe that it is better to try and fail than not to try at all.

We meet all safety requirements and strive to maintain a healthy work environment. We invest in our employees to meet customer expectations. We do not risk our earned reputation for years of easy profits.

The values

The base of our values

The company Simpson Strong-Tie has a vision, which consists of the mission and set of values. Our vision means safer buildings, more powerful and more rational structures, as well as better service.


Providing all the conditions for robust, safe and efficient building.


Constant improvement of the quality of all aspects of our work are:
availability of our products when the customer needs them
to provide customers with advice and consultancy of the highest quality
products that meet all of the specified standards and safety requirements
maintaining the position of the most innovative manufacturer in the industry
going out to meet the specific needs and wishes of the customer