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About us

Mark Buderus generations is a guarantee of quality and consistent technological development.
Buderus supports its customers during the design process and the installation of heating. Our qualified engineering staff serves you with experienced and professional advice.

We are always close to the customer and their satisfaction is our top priority.

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Group Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, to which the brand Buderus, is the largest manufacturer of heating systems in Europe. It has a distribution network throughout the world. In Poland it is represented by the Department Termotechniki Robert Bosch Sp. z oo
Buderus is a brand guarantees quality, durability, reliability and experience.

Buderus provides its clients with a comprehensive range of heating systems with power ratings from 2.5 kW to 1 850 kW (1.85 MW): standing, hanging, conventional and condensing boilers for oil and gas, and renewable energy systems - solar collectors, heat pumps and biomass boilers.

Additionally, we offer control systems, an extensive range of radiators, complete equipment boiler and underfloor heating.
We are a strong brand, whose priority is the man and his environment. Taking care of customer satisfaction and striving for the highest efficiency, we combine tradition with the latest technological processes, keeping in mind that our brand motto is:

Heat is our element!

In the office


cards in the history of our brand ...             


1 October 2012 - the merger of Buderus heating technology and the Robert Bosch in Poland.                            

The merger of all existing rights and obligations of the company Buderus were acquired by Robert Bosch.                                                                                            


Buderus over 275 years!                                                                                            


Buderus enter into the structure of leader - Bosch GmbH.                            

Now a company, focused projects in the field of heating technology - BBT Thermotechnik GmbH.                            


The development of oil boilers leads to the formation of dense, standing perimeter design versions low temperature and condensing.


He is an extended program of solar and together with the prototype heating device based on cell fuel window opens for the future of heating technology.


Presentation of innovative product - gas heat pump Loganova GWP stage field test and an agreement on cooperation with UTC fuel cells dot. the use of fuel cells.


Double anniversary: ​​the 100th anniversary of the first patent Buderus at membered boiler iron gray and the 50th anniversary production of regulators. the end of February 1998, the company Buderus produced 5 million boilers during these 100 years! < tr>


The acquisition of Solar Diamant Systemtechnik GmbH.


Establish regional service centers and start-up 24-hour telephone hotline.


in May in Poland started its activities Buderus heating technology Ltd. - a subsidiary of Buderus GmbH.


Buderus Heiztechnik buys in early 1993 40% stake in the company Nefit Fasto, and the remaining 60% of purchases in September 1,994 years.

the first co-operation with the company Solar Diamant Systemtechnik GmbH.

Start of production of boilers technology Thermostream.


Development and sales developed for the German market for wall boiler condensing GB 102 as a result of the agreement with the Dutch group Nefit in Deventer.


the acquisition of the plant in Neukirchen Metalworking / Pleiβe in Saxony. Start in Neukirchen radiator production of flat Solido brand Buderus.


Create your own distribution companies in key foreign markets.


 Restructuring Joint Stock Company Buderus AG by creating individual companies associated with the product. Buderus AG remained the Company holding. The separation of a large body already, the unit dealing exclusively heating technology - Buderus Heiztechnik GmbH in Augustresident in Wetzlar, which is the highest among the Group companies.



Enter the forward-condensing technology with cast iron boiler" Ecomatic-plus ". The first condensing boiler produced at the factory Nefit - Buderus in the Netherlands.



stroke technology through technology of low-temperature (boilers Ecomatic). the flow temperature of the heating system is adjusted to the outside temperature.



the first boiler oil and gas, as a response to the global energy crisis.



the first boiler with gas atmospheric burner -" Loganagas. "



takeover of the Iron Burger Eisenwerke AG. Take the manufacture of regulators boiler" Loganatherm. "



Production of steam boilers and grzewczych central heating steel in a subsidiary OMNICAL GmbH, plant Ewersbach.



the reconstruction after world war II. Changing war production to the production of consumer goods, such as stoves, then first of all boilers and cast-iron radiators.



the merger of the Association of Metallurgical Hessen-Nassauischer Hütenverein the company Buderus. the largest foundries of this association should be Eibelshäuserhütte smelter in Eibelshausen, today zakłd "Werk Eibelshausen" Buderus Heizttechnik GmbH.


Passing a production plant Lollar flat radiators with steel production company Stabulo.


The first boilers high power oil-fired. 


Start selling equipment for heating through subsidiaries and sales offices to improve their own product range. Buderus became the complete supplier of heating equipment. 


the scope of activities of this organization extends into the area throughout Germany and some neighboring countries. 


Restructuring and combined with the creation of the company's production and trade" Buderus'sche Handelsgesellschaft mbH headquartered in Wetzlar.


Creating a" department of the experimental boilers and radiators, "from which is derived the present section" Development "Buderus Heiztechnik GmbH. 


the application for a patent of the first boiler of his own design, on April 22, 1898 year. At the same time adopting the production of cast iron radiators. Start casting membered cast iron boilers. Production of stoves for heating and cooking takes place mainly in the plant Hirzenhein.


the head office Buderus became Wetzlar (and so is present) .


Production of modern furnaces peace, fired with anthracite or coal.  the opening of the foundry cupolas in Huta Meńsko-Weser enables the production of special thin-walled castings. 


the assumption smelter" Sophie "in Wetzlar by the brothers Buderus. 


Acquisition founded in 1853 mills" Hedwigshütte "(Huta Jadwiga) located at route Railway Meńsko-Weser Lollar (now Department Lollar). the first coke blast furnace plants Buderus was launched in 1864. 


In 1835, the company JW Buderus sons managed by the adviser mining Georg Carl Theodor Buderus has five steel mills. The product range now also includes ovens, stoves, pots, irons, etc.


March 14, 1731 - foundation of the family business by Johann Wilhelm Buderus I (a native of Myslibórz - today's lubuskie) by renting ironworks in Laubach (Upper Hesse). Department of blast furnace charcoal produces castings and pig iron. After the death of the founder of the company, manages his first wife, then a company managed by his son Johann Wilhelm Buderus II. With it comes to the expansion of the family business, as well as structural changes.