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About company

Stropex® The company is engaged in production ceilings Teriva and L19 lintels and the only one in Wielkopolska, molded lintel coronary KZE® and KWE®.

Throughout the production process we use the best available on the market of raw materials and use our modern technology based on the invention applied P.385221 in P.384551 device.

Each product is inspected to guarantee quality, dalatego our company is certified to the marking of products is safety. This approach to our activities give good products, which, moreover, because of the volume of production, sell at very reasonable prices.

To further relieve the customer, we have created our own transport base, which provides services to all our customers.

Ceiling system STROPEX

Teriva complement to a novel building element of the rim, it allows the use of our system ceiling walls both single-layer and multilayer, regardless of the type of material from which they were made.

A revolutionary solution, which are made in the technology of self-compacting concrete according to the patent application P.385211, reinforced concrete ring beam KZE® and KWE® ensures safety during installation and pouring the floor, too shortens and simplifies the assembly of the rim by eliminating the time-consuming and expensive shuttering or a brick setting wreath.

Besides our flooring system eliminates extreme support mounting and distance ring beam reinforcement, allows each execution wreath abandoned without locking the ceiling and ensures even distribution of the load transfer from the ceiling on the wall. It is important that the design shapes for the possibility of coronary clearance hole in the bottom portion thereof, if necessary removal of core wall (steel rods).

KZN lintel for roller shutters Intermo

KZN lintel for roller shutters Intermo with THERMO-Elka is the solution for all the energy efficiency and precision of assembly is not indifferent. Easy to install blinds in the area of insulation is dedicated especially for energy-efficient homes and passive.

  • KZN roller shutter lintels are prepared to apply for seven height ceilings and various types of ceilings (Table No.1)
  • Simple installation and excellent insulating properties - tightness blinds-okna- wall, are the main features of this product
  • Database connections for the shutters Intermo is part nadprożowo- coronary KZN with THERMO-Elka
  • When applying the combination of window blinds thermoelectric Elka ensures stiffening of the window in the top of what has so far been a major problem.

The Energy-Efficient Windows Assembly (EMO) was reported as an invention in the European Patent Office.

The following section of the system EMO and blind Intermo




 Table 1. Universal elements lintel KZN - Dimensions [mm]

base width240
The height of the element410370310290270250230
ceiling height340300240220200180160
Application to ceilingsplate: 2K, PSKJ, FILIGRAN


Table 2. THERMO-ELKA - Dimensions [mm]

The length L [m]Width B [mm]Height H [mm]Dimension C [mm]A dimension [mm]



ENRGOOSZCZĘDNY ASSEMBLY WINDOWS (EMO) is a solution dedicated especially for energy-efficient homes. Excellent insulation properties, meeting the requirements of warm installation of windows, even passive houses. EMO systems are divided into a set of battened "thermo-PROFILE" set listowowo-frame and a set framework.

Set battened - thermo-PROFILE

The innovative Easy-Click system ensures quick easy, warm and tight fitting strip mounting system and a warm window sill in a variety of configurations in the window frame. The elements belonging to a set of thermo-PROFILE is a thermo-STRIP and thermo-windowsill.

safe transport of windows,

fast and easy mounting (mounting strip - window)

correct deposition of the window,

appropriate support window in the wall,

the continuity of the insulating layer,

warm and tight fitting,

sealing zone skirting the Class 4 tightness

protection layer of insulation around the windows (ie. foam) against the penetration of water vapor,

tight connection strip assembly - a warm windowsill,

fulfills functions such as strip skirting, strip parapet, sill strip, strip window, strip assembly, transport strip, strip assembly - transport,

APPROVAL AT-15-9681 / 2016.


ciepłe okno listwa podparapetowa

Your window heat dressed

 thermo-PROFILE environment:

we use only high-quality PVC coming exclusively from recycled window profiles.

thus lowering CO2 emissions by 93% compared to the original PVC production.

We use recycled PVC meets all the requirements of the industry producing window profiles.

Filling foam PUR - factor Λ = 0.03 W / m2K.



Through the use of innovative solutions on a global scale fill strip transport and assembly PUR foam in the entire cross-section of the strip and along the entire length of the thermo-PROFILE is the only bar on the market today that meets European standards for heat, which will be valid from: 01/01/2017 - 0.9 W / m2K for public buildings 01/01/2021 - 0,9W / m2K for all buildings

thermo-PROFILE - performs the functions of:

  • strip transport - double leg allows for safe transport of even very heavy windows with quadruple glazing. Compressive strength profile of more than 1500 kg / m
  • strip assembly - spacing legs gives you a stable installation of joinery using the anchor system
  • listwa montażowa
  • strip assembly - transport - which strip after moving away from the manufacturer to the customer remains at the window and is part of motażowy, stacking allows you to perform a warm, tight and stable expansion of eg. in the case of mounting doors,

listwa podokienna podparapetowa

  • sill moldings / skirting easy assembly system of warm windowsill and symmetrical locking for easy installation of external and internal window sills. Internal window sill using the system clips or elastic lamina (H. Sill 18mm, 28mm or 30mm. External window sill of steel or aluminum for the top or bottom of dehydration

listwa parapetowa

listwa podokienna

 Water resistance and wind strip assembly provide:


  • 2 profiled seals PUR-u
  • Three slots in the bottom of pretending to be profiled seals PUR foam
  • 2 locks sealing in the case of stacking

thermo-PROFILE - thermo-windowsill. Specially designed system warm windowsill, giving the possibility to install windows in the light of the hole on the edge or even in the insulation layer. Our termoparapet is available in lengths of 2m and 6m.


termoparapet termo parapettermoparapet listwa parapetowa

thermo-PROFILE - Research conducted at the Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw. The scope of the research included the verification of the connection frame - jamb. Below are the results of research:

EMO System ciepłego montażu oknalistwa podokiennaszczelne okno listwa transportowo montażowatermoparapet energooszczędny montaższczelne okno montażokno energooszczędne NF 40NF 40 energooszczędneEMO_icon-04.8143.medium.png

  • 4 air permeability according to EN 12207: 2001,
  • E1200 - waterproof by. BS EN 12207: 2001,
  • C5 resistance to wind load according to PN-EN 12210: 2001 (approximate wind speed of 160 km / h further research was not carried out).

moreover, they were studied:

  • variable cycles of load pressure / suction +/- 1000p - 200 cycles met,
  • test strength line - met,
  • heat load from the outside - satisfied,
  • operation of the vertical force - Class 4
  • static torsion - Class 4
  • impact resistance soft and heavy body - Class 5