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Benchmark Façades Poland

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Benchmark Façades Poland
Greenfield Business Park No. 2 Greenfield, Holywell, Flintshire
CH8 7GJ North Wales
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In 2008, the American company Benchmark producing sandwich panels become part of the Company Kingspan. And it was there was the first branch of Kingspan Benchmark, Benchmark In the following years, as a separate spawn economic, started its operations in Europe. In 2010, Kingspan Benchmark that entered the European market - established offices in the UK and Ireland, and then in 2011 in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.




Today Benchamrk is steadily embracing its area of ​​activity is still new markets.


 Kingspan Benchmark are:

 Experienced and competent team of highly qualified professionals responsible for providing each of our clients professional service, perfectly tailored to their needs.

Efficient internal support team, which advises and supports the work of designers, constructors and contractors at every stage of design

Field service team to provide the entire process of building not only help and support but primarily training installation of cladding Kingspan Benchmark. We organize training directly on site or at any other convenient place for you.

 Efficient customer service responsible for the assistance of all pre- and post-execution of administrative activities as drawing up the timetable, organization, delivery and efficient flow of documents and information.

An effective marketing team, whose job is to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, not only in the delivery of current advertising and promotional materials, but especially in the area of ​​efficient and smooth transfer of relevant information about new products and changes in our offer.



Products that work

For the production of our Kingspan Benchmark façade systems we have used high quality materials and a high technical specification. To meet the expectations posed by the growing market, constantly we conduct activities aimed at further development of our products and services.


Ease of integration and compatibility

Our products are designed to help ease the integration and combination with other materials. Our main aim is to ensure a smooth process of the flexible implementation of your projects. Kingspan Benchmark façade systems allow you to easily combine and use different parts and components, which directly translates into lower costs and shorter lead time.


Building for the future

Building for the future is important, not only created the building, but also for the environment. This is why Benchmark products are designed with regard to compliance with the requirements of BREEAM and with the latest edition of British laws "Part Llegislation" whose purpose is to limit the adverse effects on the environment.


Comprehensive Warranty BENCHMARK

Many manufacturers warranty only to the selected operating parameters of their products. Few are able to offer a guarantee of the full range of normative parameters. With the guarantee of Kingspan Benchmark you do not have to worry about that part of the system is covered by it. Our Comprehensive Warranty (Total Guarantee Assurance) covers all functional areas and all parameters insulating wall coverings and cladding.


Stability and reliability

Kingspan Benchmark façade systems not only ensure high-quality products and well-organized assistance in the implementation of projects. Kingspan Benchmark is also a guarantee of financial stability and reliability, supported by many years of professional experience in the field of modern systems to the housing façade - a group Kingspan.