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Skrzyńsko, Przemysłowa 56
26-400 Przysucha
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KLINKIER PRZYSUCHA S.A. - Facades-16_wisniowy_sad_2
KLINKIER PRZYSUCHA S.A. - Facades-17_onyksowa_czern_2
KLINKIER PRZYSUCHA S.A. - Facades-18_wulkaniczna_czern_2
KLINKIER PRZYSUCHA S.A. - Facades-19_rubinowy_plomien_2
KLINKIER PRZYSUCHA S.A. - Facades-20_tybetanski_plomien
KLINKIER PRZYSUCHA S.A. - HF-06-Bengali-night
KLINKIER PRZYSUCHA S.A. - HF-19-Dark-fortress
KLINKIER PRZYSUCHA S.A. - HF-20-Monastic-cellar

About company

The beginnings of clinker Przysucha date back 1,972 years. Since that time, we specialize in the production of high-quality ceramic, based on the traditional method of making clinker. Based on years of experience, knowledge and tradition, and at the same time a decisive step we walk into the future, using advanced achievements of technical thought. In December 2013, we launched a new production plant, which at the moment is the most modern factory in Europe producing clinker extruded plate.

The new facility not only increased our production capacity to nearly 70 000 000 tiles per year, but also has provided completely new possibilities in the field of colors, structures and formats. Advanced technology gives us access to virtually unlimited possibilities for product development, while maintaining a very high technical parameters.

In our offer you can find a comprehensive solution for buildings in every style, from the facade tiles with rich colors through the system of stairs and window sills, on the elements of street furniture finishing, which includes, among others, canopies or molded fence.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.
the company's management

Our company cooperates with the National Chamber of Commerce and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Employers of Building Ceramics

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