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Glen Dimplex was founded in 1973 and is now the world's largest manufacturer of electrical heating equipment. It is also a leader in implementing innovative technologies in heating, and also holds significant place in the ventilation and appliances. The philosophy of the group is to build strong and vigorous companies that operate according to the highest standards of efficiency, quality and ethics with emphasis on meeting the needs of the customer. The strategy helped turn a small company, employing 1973 people in 10 international group, which currently has an annual turnover of 2 billion and employing up. 8.5 thousand. people.

Head Glen Dimplex Deutschland in Kulmbach


Glen Dimplex Group applies an entrepreneurial approach to managing its businesses internationally, avoiding bureaucratic style of management. With politytyce continuous investment in building powerful brands, innovating and providing customers with products conforming to their expectations, the Group has achieved spectacular success in the international arena. The unique development is possible thanks to this "nothing is impossible" to the task and the tremendous support it receives from its customers and partners.


The basis for the success of Glen Dimplex is a policy of continuous investment, innovation and technology to provide customers with compatible devices with their expectations. With the sale of its entire product range, Glen Dimplex Group is using a strategy many brands. Each brand in the Group's portfolio is located in a different sector of the market with a clear objective, which is to meet the requirements of customers at any time. Our brands have their own distinct traditions and occupy leading positions in their sectors.


BUSINESS beginnings of the company date back to the early 70s, in less than 10 years later because in the 80s Dimplex business grew very rapidly in the UK and Glen Dimplex became a leader in all categories of electrical heating equipment. For 90 years, fixed period of expansion Glen Dimplex outside Ireland and the United Kingdom. XXI century is a period of dynamic development of the group, which with its range of their activities covered virtually the whole of Europe. as well as countries outside Europe.


November 1973, Glen Electric company started operations in Newry, Co Down, employing ten people.


It was taken over the leading brand in the UK market electric heating - Dimplex and was formed company Glen Dimplex.


Bitech Engineering began operations in Dunleer, Co Louth.


Glen Dimplex acquired three UK businesses:

Morphy Richards, the market leader in small household appliances,

Blanella, a manufacturer of electric blankets,

Burco Dean Appliances, engaged in the manufacturing for the foodservice industry.


The company has acquired the German CIC, the main pillar of Siemens AG in Europe in the sector of electrical heating equipment.


We acquired two companies operating in the electric heating in Canada - the market leader, the company Chromalox and Westcan company, a subsidiary of Siemens AG.


We have made acquisitions Belling, a leading brand in the UK cooker market.


We acquired the company Roberts Radio, an exclusive brand in the UK market radio receivers.


We acquired two companies: EIO, a German company producing vacuum cleaners and the company Seagoe Technologies, gore yjskiego manufacturer of electric heating equipment.


We acquired a significant number of shares in the company Muller, who is a leading manufacturer of electrical heating appliances in France.


Took over the company Goblin Aqua Vac, a leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and has been significantly strengthened our position in this product category in Europe.


We took over the leading brand in the German market for portable electric heating - AKO and EWT. Also opened sourcing offices in Hong Kong and two in mainland China in order to build high-quality cost-effective Asian supplier base for activities of the Group Glen Dimplex worldwide.


We acquired the company Faber, the leading Dutch manufacturer of decorative fireplaces and wood-fired. In Italy, Spain and Poland opened sales offices.


We acquired Stoves and New World, two leading brands in the UK cooker market.


We set up China joint venture - Shenyang Dimplex Electronics to manufacture storage heaters for the rapidly growing Chinese market. We took a world leader in electric heating equipment for installation in the Nordic countries - Noboa, with Dimpco and Brownbrook, dealing with the distribution of the Group's products in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


We acquired Galaxy Showers, a manufacturer of electric water heaters on the market British and Norwegian Siemens Electrical Heating, the latest subsidiary of Siemens AG in the field of electric heating equipment.


Dimplex has modern and professional equipped training facilities, located at the company headquarters in Kulmbach, Germany. Systematically we invite there our partner companies on regular training, in which experts discuss wide systems based on modern devices Dimplex. They are both training in the use of modern systems based on heat pumps, ventilation systems with heat recovery, as well as modern automation. Training Course presented below, all willing to participate, please contact us.


Our training program covers a broad discuss issues of innovative technology solutions in heating and cooling, and ventilation. It is addressed to distributors, dealers, service technicians, installers, designers, trainers, and managers. A very important element of our meetings are the practical exercises. In their course, the knowledge gained in the theoretical classes is established and used in everyday work to the satisfaction of users of our equipment.


The formula of our regular training systems using heat pumps is divided into 2 levels. The scope of the first level includes base systems based on heat pumps, for example. the base of the system, whether the differences between installations using lower heat source. The second level is a wider knowledge of m. In. distribution system using ready-made components Dimplex, the basics of design, as well as information on control systems.


All offer heating, cooling and ventilation Dimplex uses the latest technology. Among other things, because they are unbeatable when compared to other solutions, because they are characterized by a huge performance and economical operation, which translates into lower operating costs. In addition, we equip them in control systems, which when combined heating and ventilation, allow a comprehensive supervision of the whole system. This means not only smooth and comfortable operation, but it offers great opportunities for expansion with additional features, such as. Remote control and monitoring system via Ethernet or smartphone.


Dimplex points the way to an informed decision about the choice of innovative technologies in the field of heating and cooling. Among the devices based on renewable energy sources, in the center of our attention are heat pumps - in this category of devices have the richest offer on the Polish market! But our concept goes much further - always looking for the right solution, which will be tailored to individual solutions using energy efficiently. Therefore, next to the innovative heating, cooling, ventilation systems have energoszczędne oriented comfortable work without unnecessary waste of energy.


For over 40 years gaining experience in implementing innovative solutions that combine performance, economy and environmental concerns. We are not only the largest manufacturer of electric heating equipment but also a leading manufacturer of renewable energy like no other combine different technologies in the field of heating, cooling and ventilation. Every day you can see them in every machine produced by us, but all the elements of our concept of development, are subordinate to first of all needs of our customers, who have always been at the center of our attention.


Glen Dimplex is a company with vast experience and our knowledge we gain in close cooperation with specialists from other industries. Among other things, because we are a competent partner, and the experience gained will be happy to share with others. In the interest of continuous development of our partners, we offer not only the highest quality products, but the current cyclical develop technical materials, brochures and implement online tools, training advice at the highest level.

From the US, the NIC is not as difficult as it looks ...

Regardless of how complicated the system is to design and how time-consuming investment to realize, you always have confidence that the company Dimplex you can rely on 100%. At your disposal you not only very economical and efficient technique that uses renewable energy sources and high-quality equipment, but also a solid engineering facilities and the best professionals in the industry, ready to solve even the most difficult task!


Anyone who needs professional advice can always count on us. In addition to expert advice, you can also use the online tools. In the PLANNING ONLINE is a practical converter operating costs and base of the finished hydraulic schemes. But this is not the end - is still working intensively on new solutions, which will further facilitate the work of designers and partners interested in innovative solutions Dimplex.