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Dariaus ir Girėno g. 103A, Radviliškio m.,
LT-82141 Radviliškio miesto sen., Radviliškio r. sav.,
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Marek Zajczyk, Manager,, tel. +48 608060445

Phone: +37042260130

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About company

Invena is a company composed by Marek Kaminski, the world-famous polar explorer, winner of both poles of the Earth. For over 20 years we supply the Polish homes functional and extremely durable products. Our wide range of products includes bathroom fittings:
batteries bathroom and kitchen specialist,
shower panels,
sets and headphones spray,
cabins and shower trays.
Among our product range also includes plumbing products, designed for professionals: hoses braided stainless steel - our flagship product, from which began the company's operations, fittings for installation: water, gas, heating, including radiators, installation of crosslinked polyethylene , connectors: black, cast iron, brass, chrome and PE pipes. Our goal is to provide an extremely durable products, which for many years without failure will serve their users.
Our mission is to define new trends and creating customer needs using creative and dedicated team, acting as an efficient organization. By proceeding in accordance with our mission, we are well on the way to fulfill the vision that we put in front of you: to be leader in innovation and quality by 2017.

Invena is a reliable contractor, which should make business contacts. This is confirmed by received awards and certificates, .: Certificate of Business Credibility, AEO, Solid Company, Gold Installer, European Medal, Fair Play, Business Gazelle.

Company history

Year 2012
The year 2012 will go down in history as the year of the quality and marketing. We have implemented and apply a quality management system compliant with the EN ISO 9001: 2009.
In addition refreshed logo, we redesigned our packaging, and also created a new, functional website. We have also introduced the new products. Each is the result of many weeks of work, both on the shape and the functionality and quality. This year is a harbinger of further positive changes in the company. We hope that you will accompany us in these changes. Working together we achieve more.
On 05/01/2009 Gama San SA changed its name to INVENA SA
INVENA brand products have been very well received by the Polish market and dominate offer San Gama, which led to the decision to change the name of the entire company.
The dynamic development of the brand INVENA. The amount of that brand on the Polish market increased to approx. 250 different articles (ball valves and radiator, flexible hoses, fittings, vents, radiators, faucets, showers, sanitary ceramics, and others).
Especially dynamically developed this year offer bathroom products: batteries and showers. At the end of the year we offer a series of 15 different battery models and 16 sets spray.
year 2005
For the second time in the history of the company we received the statuette Golden Installer.
The prize was awarded to us for the creation and launch of the brand INVENA, which was considered by the Jury as one of the most interesting solutions in the organization of wholesale and retail trade in our industry in 2004.
year 2004
We introduce to the Polish market a new brand of plumbing products INVENA. It was created as a response to market demand.
These products represent quality confirmed by certificates, and at the same time taking care to maintain reasonable prices. Gama San SA and it is owned an exclusive brand dustrybutorem INVENA.
In Lodz, ul. Dabrowski was created Distribution Centre Gama San SA Large storage area, ample maneuvering, the location in the middle of the Polish - are the main advantages of our new center. Marking and boards saver Center refer to the brand identification INVENA, because it is a fundamental part of our offering.
The quality management system Gama San has been re-certified to ISO 9001: 2000.
For the third time Gama San has been certified "Fair Play". Once again highly praised has been our reliability in relationships with customers, suppliers and employees of the company.
As a three-time winner now holds a Gold Certificate of the "Fair Play".
year 2002
In September, we started production of a completely new range of products: corrugated pipe casing of "corrugated".
The tube is used both in the heating and electric. San peszel range is manufactured using modern, high-performance line.
For the second time in its history Gama San has received the European Medal, this time for the organization of distribution systems, heating and sanitation.
Again we received an award in the "Business Fair Play".
year 2001
Solid sales growth made it necessary to expand the Central Warehouse in Koszalin. We also increased the surface of the Production Department. We launched the production of security groups for central heating and hot water.
Flexible hose of our products are equipped with a new type of clamp, which is a better protection against possible leaks. Terminal section is protected by patent, the holder of which is San Gama. ARE.
GAMA SAN SA He has been awarded the "Business Fair Play 2001". The subject of evaluation of the Competition Commission was fairness of the proceedings of our company in dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and the local community.
In June Gama San SA received the quality certificate ISO 9002. It is the first ISO certification among Polish distributors in the installation industry. Certification body, which granted Gama San quality certificate, is Det Norske Veritas (DNV), a Norwegian reputable company having accreditation in 19 countries around the world.
It is worth noting that the quality management system has been implemented on our own business without the help of external consultants. The certificate covers both the organization's business activities and its production activities.
In October 2000, Gama San SA He was one of the winners of the first edition of the European Medal, the project organized jointly by the Office of the Committee for European Integration and Business Centre Club. Medal in recognition for products and services of a standard approach to the European level. For such a product was connecting hoses braided metal production Gama San.
From 1 January 1999 Range San operates as a Joint Stock Company. After seven years of activity the company has now reached such proportions that, for the efficient management has become a necessary change its form of ownership.
In prepared by Businessman Magazine ranking of Polish private companies Gama San was in the top fifty.
Our company is one of the few companies in the sanitary industry, which develop only on the basis of its own capital. It is a capital of 100% Polish, developed by a company that never in its history had no links with the state property.
year 1997
We bought new machines for the production of flexible tubing braided metal. They allow to increase the quantity of tubing and improving their quality.
By increasing the production capacity began performing braiding hoses on behalf of other companies. They may be hoses with different internal cross-sections (1 ') of any length and provided with an arbitrary terminal.
Was launched e-mail system linking all branches of the company and the company all over the world - via the Internet.
year 1996
Completed is the construction of a modern Head Office Gama San Koszalin Street. Linen 2. There are warehouses of central, spacious production halls and office spaces.
Gama San has been awarded the prize "Pomeranian Griffin '95", which was organized by a branch of Polish Television in Szczecin. We received the title of Company of the Year '95 for economic results, and Marek Kaminski was awarded the honor.
The financial results of the company were also recognized in the competition organized by the Development Agency of Western Pomerania. Gama San was among 100 companies from the region, which obtained the best results for the financial year 1994.
He formed another branch in San Gama - this time in Katowice.
Marek Kaminski, the founder of our company, was the first Pole and the only representative of the business of the post-communist countries, who took part in the finals of the World Competition for Young Talented Businessman in 1994. It was then organized the first Polish edition of the competition, and the Polish jury awarded the title of "Young , Talented Businessman of the Year 1994 'was Marek Kaminski.
Soon came another success. Gama San has received a statuette of the Golden Installer '94 for "innovative solutions in the organization of wholesale and retail trade in the installation industry." Gaining a stylized figure Installer is the dream of all companies in our industry.
year 1993
Begins to operate branch Gama San Warsaw.
Launched production tubing is flexible braided metal. The company already has adequate capital for such a venture, accumulated over 1.5 years of activity purely commercial. In a short time, hoses Gama San has become one of the best-known products among Polish installers.
The product range extends to about batteries and angle valves for washing machines and dolnopłuków after a few months since the launch of the production tubing.
year 1992
Almost simultaneously with the creation of the company they created the first two of its branches in Gdansk and Lodz. It just came to Gdansk first delivery of sanitary fittings in the company's history. They were Italian ball valves.