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LUG is a leading manufacturer of professional luminaires and lighting systems, which are characterized by high technical parameters, energy efficiency and design at the highest level.

LUG has 25-year experience on the international market of professional lighting fixtures. Global Expertise Department customization LUG makes that we can adjust our products to individual needs of each client in accordance with the brand promise of "Your World, Our Light".

LUG is a global brand. Solutions LUG illuminate the interior of objects and create illuminations in more than 50 countries around the world.

LUG has its own research - development and laboratory lighting. Thus, the company LUG guarantees optimal adjustment of the light intensity required, while ensuring a balance between quality of light and energy efficiency. Thanks to the high quality of its products LUG is the recommended partner of the leading suppliers of components for the electrical industry Philips and OSRAM.


Future LUG is based on five pillars, which allows the company to follow the path of technological development with clearly defined objectives on selected markets. All the purposes of the company guided by the idea of ​​development based on the principles of energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. With the brand FLASH & DQ, LUG also entered the segment of high-quality design offering designers and architects solutions to realize the most creative visions.

Cooperation with LUG

Years of experience working with architects and interior designers have resulted in a dedicated strategy and program support lighting projects. The aim of the Support Programme developed Architects is a comprehensive cooperation konsultanów LUG with architects and interior designers on all architectural models, ready-made lighting solutions and advisory services in the area of illumination light. Ready tool and architectural models can be downloaded on the subpage LUG ArchiTools.

 Program Support Architects and Designers Lighting


1. The architectural concept - cooperation at the level of the conceptual design (identify the needs of the architect / designer in ratio to the available technologies) allows you to use existing or develop new solutions.

2. Working meetings - Specific issues regarding the lighting design is consulted on individual meetings with architects and designers verifying the presented proposals.

3. The project team LUG - Photo-realistic visualizations of architectural lighting, design and simulation, optimization, technical operatywy prepared for BREEAM or LEED.

4. Development Department LUG - Customization, or adjust lighting to the needs of a particular investment to enable the realization of individual vision of the architect while maintaining the highest quality lighting fixtures.

5. The effect of benefits - Time savings in the design phase, ROI analysis, optimization and energy cost.



Working on the project, architects and designers working with LUG can fully maintain their architectural vision designed space. By creating unique effects that even empty interior will make interesting. LUG lighting solution is not only the best functionality, modern design, but also luminaires designed for projects with the highest demands.


LUG company initiated its activities as a civil partnership in November 1989. From the beginning we were a manufacturer of lighting fixtures, while leading trading activities. The company expanded the place of its activities in October 1990. It was then that a change of name of the company civilian Department of Production and Commerce and Service "LUG" Czesław and Richard Wtorkowscy.

In the year 1991. the company began conducting its operations at ul. Winding 5 in Zielona Gora and has significantly broadened the scope of activity of wholesale lighting fixtures, materials and electrical equipment. LUG continued to develop its sales network through its own retail stores.

In April of 2001. Was transformed into a civil partnership in a limited liability company.

Main subject of our business was still production of lighting fixtures and sale of electrical materials. We conducted the activities of the investment in the design and execution of electrical works.

Due to the development of production and demand for products manufactured by our industrial luminaires we decided to restrict the scope of the company's business for the production of lighting fixtures.

Dated September 3, 2007 was transformed into a limited liability company into a joint stock company, and 20 November LUG SA made its debut on the stock market NewConnect. In 2008, the grand opening of the new headquarters of LUG. The new office building, warehouse and new spaces for production have created new opportunities for the company.

In March 2013 LUG began development of a new plant, which became the location for the modern production line of LED components. Dated August 8, 2013 was produced first plate LED.

Currently LUG is a strong capital group, which includes the company LUG SA LUG Light Factory Sp. z oo, LUG GmbH, LUG Lighting UK Ltd., LUG do Brasil Ltda Artigos de Iluminacao. and sales offices in Paris and Dubai.