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GALECO Sp. z o.o.

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GALECO Sp. z o.o.
Uśmiechu 1
32-083 Balice near Krakowa
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Jakub Szeliga, ,, tel. +48 882038334

+48 12 258 32 00

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Galeco Sp. o.o. It was founded in 1996. We are a private company with 100% Polish capital. Galeco is one of the companies operating and developing the business group GALECO Rainwater Technology.

The company specializes in the design, production and distribution systems of rainwater - in short: gutter systems. Our flagship products are gutter system Galeco PVC gutter system Galeco STEEL gutter system Galeco LUXOCYNK system Galeco BEZOKAPOWY and System Galeco DECOR.

We started its activities from importing PVC gutter systems, and in time to start production under its own brand. A wide range of Galeco is the result of many experiences collected throughout the period of activity, as well as meticulously conducted marketing research. By paying close attention to customer needs and output to meet them, the company is among the leading manufacturers of gutter systems in Poland.

Our offer includes system Galeco PVC - the oldest product in our range. Galeco STEEL coated steel, this product relating considerable success on the domestic and export markets. We also offer a cost-effective system Galeco steel LUXOCYNK, and the latest "child" is a system Galeco BEZOKAPOWY. We offer uzupełniaGaleco DECOR - headlining roof at the highest quality level.

Galeco gutter systems are characteristic of a trough, which edges are flanged inwards. This prevents overflow of water during heavy rainfall. It should be mentioned high-strength of our products to mechanical damage and discoloration. Products are resistant to Koroza, many acids, bases, salts and other compounds that can be soluble in rain water.

During the whole time of our business steadily we expanded the scope of activities by opening new outlets. At the moment, we serve customers through eight Regional Commercial Offices located in Gdynia, Mikołowie, Plock. Poznan, Pulawy, Tarnow, Warsaw and Wroclaw. Such a territorial system provides our customers with an optimal supply of products and allows you to maintain full flexibility in operation.

Continuous availability of goods at these points guarantees an adequate supply system, specially developed and constantly improved by our logistics specialists.

Galeco is active on foreign markets since 2001. Strategic directions for the company are the markets of Russia and Ukraine. We have three subsidiaries represent us in the national markets - Galeco Hungaria in Hungary, Galeco Slovensko in Slovakia and Galeco Ukraine. The company is present in Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Iceland, Kazakhstan and Romania. Recent directions of the company's expansion to Turkey, England and Tajikistan.

We offer favorable conditions for cooperation. A wide range of products, timely delivery, the smooth settlement of all of this is a guarantee of fruitful cooperation, and therefore success in many areas of activity.

We focus on the quality of their products and the experience and high qualifications of employees.

The confirmation of the quality and reliability of the company are numerous diplomas and certificates new business quality, integrity and reliability of our company.

Reflects the company's philosophy is distinctive logo, which emphasizes the optimistic nature of our business. Guided by the motto "smile for the rain," we suggest that at all, you can find a good solution and with a smile even approached to unfavorable environmental conditions. This is our way to building a favorable image of the company. We want our name to be associated with professionalism combined with a positive attitude.