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AS PPH PRODUCENT linear and point drainage

The company AS PPH is a Polish manufacturer of linear and point drainage associated in the Polish Corporation of Sanitary, Heating, Gas and Air Conditioning, based in Warsaw.

Company history:

The company "AS" PPH founded in 1982, initially worked in the field of construction engineering: design and construction and production of concrete elements. Since 1994, our business focused on the production systems of linear and point drainage AS. In over 30 years of activity in the construction materials industry, our company has developed a reputation on the Polish market. Thanks to the proprietary technology and the use of the best domestic materials drainage systems AS are 100 percent Polish product of very high quality.


Product AS is a complete system that fully enables comprehensive design solutions and implementing drainage area. It is designed to work with existing systems, sewage and cleansing rain water and other liquids. In its offer Company AS POLISH PRODUCER linear and point drainage HAS: concrete drainage channels class B125 to F900 kN, sump drain - multi-functional street inlets and drainage slotted monolithic, which are a new product group introduced on the basis of modern modified composites. Elements of the AS are widely used for drainage: roads, streets, garages, parking lots, including surface parking lots located mainly on floors, driveways, petrol stations, storage space, maneuvering, car washes and surfaces exposed to exceptionally severe stress as airports , docks, military bases, etc.


- Channel body - is made of cement concrete strength class C60 / 75 and C90 / 105 with polymer additives. The material used for the components is a glass fiber reinforced alkalioodpornym significantly improving the characteristics of the tray and bending toughness

- Concrete is characterized by high resistance to prolonged exposure to frost and defrosting salts ( "R & D") and chemical resistance including petroleum substances according to PN-EN 858-1: 2005 / A1: 2007

- Supporting rails in the drainage systems of the grille are made of steel, hot-rolled, galvanized, which are anchored in the walls of the body. This design protects the edges of the tray and a solid component mounting grates.

- Fixing the grates are made with stainless bolts, screwed into galvanized, threaded socket, located in the supporting slats. Fixing seats are through suitable for cleaning.

- Drains slotted monolithic - type I are concrete and do not require lateral bracing, and only perform the bench.

- Interior slotted tray is made of PVC, which have a high mechanical strength and has many advantages such as:

- Chemical resistance,

- Excellent hydraulic conditions thanks to a smooth surface, installation requires no additional sealing the joints, connecting socket on the rubber seal.

Approvals and guarantees:

Linear Drainage Systems AS meet the requirements of the harmonized standard BS EN 1433: 2005 certified laboratory tests conducted by the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials Branch Concrete CEBET in Warsaw, RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF ROADS AND BRIDGES in Warsaw and BUILDING RESEARCH INSTITUTE in Warsaw. AS products are marked with the CE mark and have a Hygienic Certificate No. HK / B / 0438/01/2016. For each invoice is issued Declaration of Conformity. Guarantee of the highest quality is also ISO 9001: 2008 and received prizes and certificates: EUROPRODUKT 2011 GOLDEN INSTALLER 2010 Business Fair Play 2010 CERTIFICATE OF EURO 2010 and the nomination for Polish Promotion

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