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KOSBUD Bracia Kosińscy SP.J.

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KOSBUD Bracia Kosińscy SP.J.
Dziękowizna, Warszawska 14
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki
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+48 25 756 38 88

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We are a Polish manufacturer of thermal insulation systems, conducting its activities on the domestic and foreign market.

The leading product of our company are plasters and paints manufactured in a wide range of colors used in external thermal insulation systems. Our products are composed by current European standards, which allows us to achieve the result in the form of products of the highest quality, both in terms of technology and aesthetics.

To guarantee the highest quality of our products, at the beginning of 2009 we opened a new production facility equipped with the innovative technological line. Thanks to this investment every product we submit several stages of the process, in which the variation of temperatures and varying the number of revolutions of mixing allows to obtain high quality and uniformity of production. Based on proven components and raw materials, we have the ability to produce an unbeatable coating for each type of walls and facades.

Additionally, care of the relevant standards, as well as the quality control laboratory exercises KOSBUD, which regularly check the quality of our products and develop new products in the field of construction chemicals. This allows us to constantly seek new solutions for the most demanding customers.

Several years of experience in the industry and a systematic increase in the popularity of our products has allowed us to expand our business to 150 points authorized distributors throughout the country, leading our mixing plaster and paint. It not without significance is the cooperation with Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Russia, through which appreciated the quality and the promotion of Polish products.

Taking care of the time and the good of our customers for each order is treated individually, limiting the execution of orders to a minimum. Our priority is the realization of the vision and ideas of our partners, because we meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.
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