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About company

The owner of the brand ARCHISPACE is PROCAD SA.
It all started 25 years ago with an idea and determination of several people who shared the Big Dream. There were more of us year by year, as we consistently developed our market share, although it was still only a dream to become the leader. The innovative ideas and a close-knit team bore fruit in 2001. We became the biggest Autodesk partner in Poland! 
We have maintained that position non-stop for 15 years, increasing our advantage annually. Today, PROCAD has 120 dedicated full-time employees working for 4 companies of the Capital Group and 13 million Euro revenue per year.
The range of ARCHISPACE


tel.: +48 608 641 262


ul. Kartuska 215 
80-122 Gdańsk 

TEL +48 58 739 68 00 
FAX +48 58 302 06 29