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81-310 Gdynia
tel. +48 058 785 34 80, fax +48 058 785 34 81
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SONNIGER is a European dealer who supplies modern, ecological/eco-friendly and optimally selected units for industrial heating market. We are a group of specialists in the field of air heaters and curtains. Products supplied by SONNIGER are the simple choice due to its right range of products that precisely respond to market needs.
SONNIGER consultants are a group of open-minded, competent, dynamic people who are always ready to co-operate. These ties in with the whole HEATING PARTNERS philosophy, whose main objective is to support companies in the field of heating systems.
As well as offering help to make the right choice of devices, we are able to advise how to attract new customers efficiently and effectively, perform sales duties or build and create a reliable image for your company.
  • Competitive products
  • Simple choice
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Staff
One of the main aims of SONNIGER activities is promotion of HEATING PARTNERS philosophy. We, as your PARTNERS are willing to support development of installation and design companies on basis of our long term experiences achieved on competitive European markets.
SONNIGER experiences achieved on East and West European markets are a valuable source of knowledge and inspirations. That is why, beside wide knowledge concening our products, we are willing to share practical knowledge in area of management as well as organization of sales and marketing activities dedicated for companies, which deal with industrial heating.
In this part of our web service, we will regulary publish articles and practical advices, which hopefuly will inspirate our customers to improve different areas of installation, design or trade activities.