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ACO Building Drainage
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ACO Group

ACO Group - "protect, create and dewatering"

The family you can trust
ACO Severin Ahlmann GmbH & Co. KGzostało founded in 1946 by Josef-Severin Ahlmann in Rendsburg, northern Germany. This is a typical family business.

Currently, a limited partnership ACO leads nephew founder Hans-Julius Ahlmann. The family company offers considerable advantages - security, reliability, trust - both employees and co-operators.

ACO in numbers:

  • 1946 foundation of the company by Josef-Severin Ahlmann
  • 3 800 employees in 40 countries (in Europe, America, Asia, Australia)
  • 31 production plants in 12 countries
  • Turnover in 2008. - Approx. EUR 610 million

Our competence
ACO is a worldwide synonym for outstanding achievements in the field of surface drainage, both in terms of products as well as system solutions.

We also offer special solutions for sports facilities, agriculture, horticulture, landscape architecture, the use of stainless steel, production techniques and technology of casting iron.

High quality products ACO is a result of the global know-how of the group, intensive work badawczorozwojowych and processing skills the most important materials, which are:

  • polymer concrete
  • stainless steel
  • cast iron
  • Plastic
  • reinforced concrete

ACO Group is a "global player" with its roots on the Central European market. We are here to work closely with the specialized trade forms the basis of the distribution and sales of products ACO.

ACO Poland

Years of experience and success

from 1

992 years ACO group is also present in Poland. Initially, we are functioning as a distribution company imported products from Germany. In 1996 was the start of production in Legionowo.

The company ACO has a well-developed network of regional offices, thus covers the operation of the whole country. More than 70 employees in Poland engaged in the production, storage, sale, and service contracts for specific projects.

We operate in five areas, which we appreciate, we are constantly developing and we will continue to improve:


1) Our actions are determined by concern for the customer and the market

We identify and ahead of our customers' needs

This is reflected in the quality of our products and services also help our clients succeed,

We keep our promises

We are flexible, which allows us to fulfill all. Even the toughest requirements of our customers,

We use the sum of all experiences, including global to be able to meet the needs of the local market.


2) work effectively

We are disciplined in achieving planned objectives.

We use all the information (horizontal and vertical), guided by the values ​​adopted by us, enabling us to improve the efficiency and quality of our services.

This results in favorable reviews and high ratings of our customers and suppliers, as well of our shareholders and employees; these values ​​are important to both sides,

We care about the best technical solutions that our products are not only high quality but also maximum safe for the natural environment,

In our activities we do not forget also to optimize costs.


3) We talk to each other openly

Our actions are characterized by - honesty and respect for all,

We can also see and appreciate tangible benefits resulting from the sharing of information,

We encourage dialogue, it allows us to achieve higher efficiency


4) We react quickly and decisively

We set priorities and implement them consistently,

Our actions are based on objectivity and common sense.

Thoroughly we analyze the results of our work and we are planning our strategy, so that error-free and optimally achieve appropriate solutions,

We promote creative thinking, because it helps us in achieving better results.


5) create a friendly work environment

We comply with safety rules

Krzewimy and we promote a healthy lifestyle

We respect and take care of working tools

We focus on the development and qualification,

We care about good relationships and atmosphere in the workplace,

We also provide the opportunity for cultural development and integration of our employees.

Why work with us?

Experience and strong market position - offer recognized and desired by clients of products (ACO DRAIN SELF, separators, PUMPING STATIONS)


Wide product range - to meet the expectations and needs of customers, the constant development of the range - an increase in sales


Support for traders - professionals and COK - competence development of sales of products ACO


Local production - flexibility, stability, cooperation and supply, adjusting the offer to the Polish market


Clear policy of cooperation with distributors and customers