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05-820 Piastów
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Mirosław Strzyż, technical sales advisor,, tel. +48 601 072 161

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The company AKCJUM six years, equipping sanitary facilities for people with disabilities. These devices, handles and oporęczowanie Italian company Bocchi, which, thanks to 50 years of experience at the forefront of Europe among manufacturers in this industry. They allow for the removal of architectural barriers in bathrooms, toilets, showers, corridors in all public places. Equipment has all the required certificates and approvals Polish and European Union, as well as the excellent reviews among The Centre Technique
Warsaw Medical, Rehabilitation Center in Konstancin STOCER. Most of the products recognized by COTM be extremely useful for people with disabilities received the qualification of VAT at a rate of 0%.

Comprehensive range of equipment facilities for people with disabilities, only one in Poland bears the symbol of the ISO 9001, includes:
- Catalog of all products and devices with full dimensioning (sink, toilet / bidets, handrails and handles, trays and cabins, bathtubs, faucets, lifts moving, przywannowe, pool)
- Library, computer equipment found in the directory for use in design based on AutoCAD, ArchiCAD-a and other programs based on the system DWG,
- Offer peripheral equipment (dryers, dispensers, trays, bins, toilets, stainless steel and others).
- Battery time (self) and the electronics for the general public toilets.

Complementing our offer is free computer consultation in the form of proposals for the deployment of equipment developed based on the information provided to us floor plans with a specific function and a comprehensive trade offer, taking into account possible variants of technical and price.

Cooperation with our company is attractive, both in design and implementation, and most importantly - use. It ensures full functionality, modernity and the highest standard built or upgraded facilities, as well as the optimal use of financial resources. High quality,
long-term warranty and warranty and post-warranty allow the user to avoid any losses that may arise due to incurring expenditures on repairs and shutdowns.

Upon request we provide transport and assembly throughout the country.