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Big-tor Sp. z o.o.

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Big-tor Sp. z o.o.
Przemysłowa 8
85-768 Bydgoszcz
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tel. +48 52 345 28 82

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Company Description

Our company BIG TOR is a partnership founded in 1996. Our goal is to offer Polish customers quality western gates dorównujących to products at a price that guarantees their dissemination. We produce various kinds of doors, both doors and industrial applications. In terms of the company's offer apart from the gates there are other products in the sector baffle openings such as blinds transparent storefront or passaged, rolling grilles and other automation and full above. devices.
In order to minimize the cost of all the products are made in Poland from a high-quality semi-finished imports, and are distributed through a network of distributors for its entire area. The addressees of our offer are commercial companies, production and services having the buildings, which require ergonomic and durable joinery door. In addition to the addressees institutional offer we are also addressed to individual customers, providing them with high quality and aesthetics of our products at a very attractive price.
The quality of our products comparable to similar products Western (same source parts) and low price are the main but not the only ones of their advantages. The high requirements of the customer requires the use of modern technology and design solutions to ensure the quality, ergonomics, durability and reliability of manufactured devices.
We are open to your needs and provide you a product tailored to your wishes.