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CAPAROL Farben Lacke Bautenschutz GmbH

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CAPAROL Farben Lacke Bautenschutz GmbH
Roßdörfer Straße 50
64372 Ober-Ramstadt
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Phone: +49 6154 71-0
Fax: +49 6154 71-1391

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Company Description

Group "Caparol" is a family business, independent of large financial conglomerates. There since 1895.
It is a leading company in Germany and one of Europe's leading manufacturers of paints dispersion and organic materials. It has numerous factories in Germany, as well as production facilities in Austria, Turcjii, UK. The company employs more than 2,500 employees and an additional approx. 800 people in its European agendas.
More than five years ago, "Caparol" opened its representative office in Poland. Existing first sales office in Warsaw, we have expanded rapidly on a network of warehouses throughout the country. In 1996, we started our own production of part of the materials of the company's offer - both paint and dry materials. Activities in this direction we will constantly develop and enrich.

Our efforts are aimed to meet your needs. In laboratories "Caparol" teams of specialists develop, improve and implement the production of functional, high-quality materials, which you can trust. Our educated and trained in technical consulting staff regional offices are trained to solve problems that you discover both large and small construction and repairs. With us optimally ocieplicie house, perfectly
wykończycie facades and interiors, and achieved with this style will attract attention and inspire awe in many of your guests. We offer you the service we offer additional services. We help in the selection and choice of colors. Any color!

The last decade of the twentieth century was marked by a particularly rapid development of the two branches of technology: electronics and building materials industry. It's construction is a great opportunity to solve many economic problems. In view of the rapid progress of knowledge in this field is of particular importance competency materials producers. Our company has it without a doubt. We offer permanent
and reliable products based on the highest quality raw materials and additives. With the resulting sure we do not need to use intrusive advertising without coverage. Our philosophy is to give and to derive satisfaction and pleasure in cooperation with you.

The general opinion elephant combines the strength, wisdom and longevity. There is also a faithful friend and a symbol of happiness. Multicolored elephant is a sign of our company.

The symbol of the potential of the company is its strength and size. He gracefully and stubbornness will support your project, a durable and reliable products with the mark will serve you for many years.

Their aesthetics and ease of processing you can check immediately. Just contact our technical advisors.