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Cersanit S.A.

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Cersanit S.A.
25-528 Kielce
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Company Description

Cersanit SA - the largest Polish producer of sanitary ceramics. The company offers 6 (!) Years warranty on its products, certified to ISO 9001 at all stages of production, from design, implementation, production, policy management quality finishing. Cersanit offers high quality products at great utility values, in line with market expectations. The overall objective of the company is to satisfy all its customers. Cersanit SA is a manufacturer of bathroom ceramics five series: Aqua, Delfi, Eko'2000, Solare and Eder. Products belonging to the series has the following advantages: a unique, snow-white, water-saving -potwierdzona German certificate, simple installation, modern design. Since the beginning of 2000, Cersanit completed its offer with a wide range of acrylic bathtubs.

The AQUA series includes both bowls with horizontal outlet. Toilet bowls of this series meet all the requirements of hygiene and aesthetics. They are practical to install, can be installed in both large and small bathrooms. Dimensions bowls with outlet horizontal and vertical directions are the same and are - 400 mm height x 350 mm width x 480 mm depth. In addition to the WCs series includes sinks (size 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm) with a pedestal and urinal.