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Founded 70 years ago. The main task of the company is: to create the design, manufacture and installation of all types of seats for public buildings. The company offers the highest quality with the most competitive price.
FIGUERAS company has references from over 60 States, including Polish.

ELEMENTS OF METAL SEAT produced by FIGUERAS, without hiring subcontractors. The company FIGUERAS developed after many years of attempts strength solutions perform special welds and alloy steel or aluminum. The entire production of metal parts seats is computer controlled during production.

Plastic parts seats manufactured by Figueras, without hiring subcontractors. Made of plastic shells are subjected to a special selection and tested before leaving the factory. Plastic parts also constitute a partial skeleton of the chair, so their control after production is particularly insightful.

MECHANISM LIFTING SEAT - patented system of springs lifting the seat allows for trouble-free operation throughout the life of the chair. The company FIGUERAS guarantee lifelong guarantee on the mechanism of lifting the seat.

Seat and back upholstered - patented by Figueras way fusion upholstery with foam filling and the metal skeleton has been named and registered as a so-called. integral form. An important advantage of integral forms in comparison with traditional methods of upholstery is her several times longer service life when in use.
The composite upholstery so there is no effect. felting the upholstery and embossing. Form an integral also allows for the immediate repair of damaged seat, eg. During acts of vandalism. Another amendment in the form of integral development is the use of an internal fire barrier between the upholstery fabric and foam filling. This barrier causes complete protection from fire foam filling, so that the chair is completely non-flammable, and foam does not emit any toxic secretions.

Installation methods - unusual installations - the installation of seats we rely on years of experience of Figueras. Metal legs are affixed directly to the wall with plugs tested, matched to the substrate and the type of seat. When installing non-standard, non-standard substrate, etc., We use the company's products HILTI.

Warranty and installation service - installation team has been trained to the manufacturer. We offer full services in the field of installation, consulting, warranty and post-warranty service. 3 year warranty covers all parts of the seat made in the factory, on the assembly work 12 months guarantee. Service throughout the Polish within 3 working days from the date of notification.
Special projects - cooperation with architects - we offer cooperation already in the initial design phase. In the case of non-standard solutions, eg. Preparation for simultaneous translation, removable seats, a place designed for wheelchairs, we offer our advice and expertise. In the initial phase of the project we can perform design the installation of seats according to the wishes of the client.

Approvals Building Research Institute - have certificates for upholstered finish plastic and wooden (wooden elements without certificate), patterned line called Trevira.