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EXTREME Sp. z o.o.

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EXTREME Sp. z o.o.
Kantorowicka 400
31-763 Kraków
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+48 12/ 645 10 06

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Company Description

EXTREME Sp. z oo is a company with its own capital, entirely Polish. It employs several hundred workers, has an extensive branch network of commercial, wholesale and retail outlets patronage throughout Polish. The manufacturing program is the result of many years of experience and exchange of views between producer and consumers. The design also takes into account the wishes of foreign customers. Copper, aluminum radiators, convectors, which initiated the company's success are modern, efficient, creating a heated indoor microclimate friendly to man. Currently, our products range is able to satisfy the tastes of even the most eminent clients. In many companies on Polish territory they can purchase complete systems which, choose the type and color of radiators, as well as outsource their installation. Water heaters, electric, and water and electric are constantly being modified and modernized. More than one hundred typowielkości heaters are suitable for any type of power supply and to each type of room, you can select one of 160 colors.
Headquarters and main manufacturing plant are located in the street Kantorowickiej in Krakow. Tastefully decorated interiors, CCTV system. The fully computerized plant uses the latest techniques and research team in close cooperation with scientific institutions, are constantly modernizing technology and proposes new articles.
Production is not everything - hence the next care of the high level of products, create your own Centre for Research and Implementation, building its own sales network, training of installers and counseling and the promotion of modern heating systems. This is the company today, modern, thriving, boldly investing, caring for the effective promotion, providing its customers with professional consulting, installation and operation of the plant.
To cut off from competition, and more or less udolnych copies of their wyrobów- Convector signs your every radiator statue of Polish Business Leader. This distinction awarded company in Krakow in 1994, Business Centre Club, which is still three times underestimated the reputation of Krakow's honoring it in 1996-98, "Diamond".
Among the prestigious awards Convector bears the title "Company of the Year '96", as well as prizes and awards received repeatedly at international fairs and exhibitions installation industry in Poland and abroad. At the world exhibition in Brussels in 1996. its product, electric water heater, was awarded the "Gold Medal Brussels Eureka", and a year later, in Pittsburgh the same product received during the World Exhibition of Inventions silver medal. For the promotion of Polish science in the world the company has received the Cup Committee for Scientific Research. In April of 1997. Convector was awarded the prestigious "Oscar the Building", awarded by the President of the Office of Housing and Urban Development, for the whole activity for housing construction.
Position the company repeatedly reflected in the ratings business, including presence in the "golden 500" the biggest Polish private companies for the year 1996,1997,1998 and 1999 published by the business magazine "Home and Market". High position on the Polish market is also accompanied by the interest of foreign customers. Convector SA exports its products to Russia, Germany and Ukraine, where it has its sales offices.