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Cosella-Dörken Products, Inc.

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Cosella-Dörken Products, Inc.
Cosella-Dörken Products, Inc. 4655
L0R 1B4 Delta Way Beamsville, ON
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Phone: +1 (905) 563-3255
Tech Support: +1-888-4DELTA4 (433-5824)
Fax: +1 (905) 563-5582

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Company Description

Roofing corrugated board bituminous

For covering large areas of roofs of industrial and economic undergoing renovation and modernization; simple roofs

-Wytłaczane And flat foils Waterproofing

DELTA-MS, DELTA-DRAIN - protection of underground walls, drainage area.
DELTA-PT - protection of damp walls from the inside.
DELTA-HORIZONTAL INSULATION - horizontal insulation of the basement walls and foundations.

Of removals vapor-tight and vapor-permeable

Films vapor-tight - the thermal insulation to protect against the ingress of moisture into the inside
Permeable films - for thermal insulation, they release moisture from the roof construction and thermal insulation, protection against wind and rain.