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EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitssysteme GmbH & Co. KG
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Speed ​​spiral doors SST remains among all high-speed doors revolutionary solution. In line with modern trends in one embodiment of it were placed two systems gates. Spiral Door is still stable, the typical outer gate and protect against the vagaries of weather-speed gate. The slats are not here already wound on one another like no. the rolling shutter, but thanks to spiral maintained in a suitable space. This patented design allows very high-speed traffic and above-average willingness to work. Sam top gates practically not subject to wear, remaining years in an unaltered state and the individual slats can if necessary - quickly and easily replaced. Recommended for holes over 150 000 cycles per year. The cost of maintenance and technical inspections of the gate remain at the remarkably low level.
SST meets all request
The fast spiral door SST combines the speed, safety and aesthetics with all the qualities and innovative technology. Equipment variants are so rich that you always have at your disposal the optimum system solution. In any case, please extremely reliable, fast and secure outer gate, which on request can be equipped with additional peripheral device. Table top of the door is almost completely smooth. Double-walled aluminum fins, at the request of thermally broken, provide maximum anti-theft protection, excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Depending on the desired amount of light can be built in any number of fins layered with jednopowłokowego fully transparent polycarbonate.
Control gates deal with modern electronics. Directly on the motor are placed inductive sensors, notifying the driver each time the position of the table top, so they are all necessary devices in the frames indicating the current position of the gate.
A solution that takes up little space
Patented spiral for which curl top (P 0531 320 B1) significantly reduces the required space for installation of the gate. It is mounted on a vertical, self-supporting frames, and thereby the gate is independent of the shape of the building. In the case of buildings with low headroom (250 mm) there is a special version with a low, freq Also used in the entrances and departures from the car parks. At any time it is possible to optimal adaptation to the building
Wear-top Gateway
Power transmission occurs through bilateral tażmowe hinges with integrated rollers jacketed horsemen. Combining these roller ensures concurrency. The slats are twisted hinge, regardless of the ground, while the rubber profiles clamp technique "Clip" link fins behind as insulating against weathering. As a result, within the door leaf are not yet transmitted power (P Patent 0 531 327 B1). Individual slats can if necessary be quickly and easily replaced.
Thanks to the electronic, microprocessor controller (MCPS), you can adjust the speed of the job requirements and equipment gates. High-speed doors are factory-set to the opening speed of 1.5 m / sec., But can be more or less than the speed of opening.
Cabinet panel comes standard with a membrane keypad, display the information for the indicator function and diagnosis of possible damage.
Security gates
All high-speed doors have a balanced weight of the door leaf springs. In both the side frames installed mechanical system with tension spring with long life, pulling automatically top up. This also applies in case of emergency opening eg. During power outages. Power is transferred to V-belt directly to the shaft.
Standard security gateway is a contact strip or on request TLG system, built into the side frames in a completely enclosed, creating a grid of infrared beams to a height of 2.5 meters directly in the plane of the gate.
Soft start
To 2.0 m / sec upwards of 1.0 m / sec down, often several hundred thousand times a year - is a necessary requirement for simultaneous continuous operational readiness and low consumption of the gate. This allows the electronics, connected with a frequency converter. Engines do not move while at full strength, but speed up evenly. Very modern computer-controlled frequency converter adjusts the speed by changing the frequency from 5 Hz to 100 Hz, to yield sulnika 3 x 230 V out of phase with the connector 230 V.


Construction and production

Many of the inherent structures contribute to Efaflex's own solutions. They are the result of long-lasting, innovative work of engineers in the company's engineering departments. Production is made using state-of-the-art production equipment, for example all steel parts are cut from sheet metal on laser-controlled laser and plasma devices. For final machining of sheet metal we use CNC press brakes, controlled in 5 axes, bending length 6m. The result is the highest quality. Professionals for professionals.

Delivery program

The product range covers a wide spectrum of all types of industrial doors and reloading systems. Choose the best solution and efaflex will offer what you really need without paying for what is unnecessary.


Trust is good, but control is better. Our quality control system allows us to offer a full 2-year warranty without limiting the gate work cycles! This does not offer NIKT beyond us. Check it yourself!

Service, consulting and care

Efaflex's service is of prime importance and includes a number of points: Experienced specialists will inspect the building site, discuss the requirements with you and design an individual door concept. Well trained technicians will build the delivered gate timely and professionally.

Design and production

Numerous, mostly opatętowane structures contribute to the company's own best practices Efaflex. They are the result of long-term, innovative engineers work with the departments of construction firmu. Production is carried out using the most modern production facility. All steel parts are cut from the sheet metal on the computer-controlled laser machines and plasma. For the final sheet metal press brakes use CNC-controlled 5-axis of bending length 6m. The result is the highest quality. Professionals for professionals.

delivery program

Range of products covers a broad spectrum of all types of industrial doors and loading systems. Select your optimal solution, and EFAFLEX offer what you really need, without paying for it, which is unnecessary


Trust is a good thing, but control is better. Our control system, the quality of the performance allows us to offer a full 2 ​​year warranty without limitation cycles gates! This does not offer NOBODY outside of us. Sami you check!

Service, advice and care

Service is at Efaflex The priorities meaning and includes a number of points: experienced specialists carry out inspection of the site development, will discuss with you the requirements and design a personalized concept of the gate. Well trained technicians zabudują supplied the gate on time and professionally.