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Fabryka Ceramiki Budowlanej Wacław Jopek Sp. z o.o.

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Fabryka Ceramiki Budowlanej Wacław Jopek Sp. z o.o.
Kozielska 1
44-156 Sierakowice
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Company Description

Ceramics Factory Building Waclaw Jopek is now a team of five brick factory producing high quality ceramic wall and roof construction. This is the result of over twenty years of activity in this business owner Mr. Waclaw Jopek. His proactive market largely contributed to the development of Polish ceramiki.Działalność your started with his brother, Mr. Francis Jopkiem of production cinder blocks and ceramic tiles. Building Ceramics Factory was established in Bytom on the former factory houses "Prasbet" built in 1972 - 75. In January 1988, Mr. Waclaw Jopek leased this unknown object, then it has acquired. In the years 1988 - 1990 the plant was rebuilt and installed in the modern production line of ceramic tile with complementary elements. In June 1989 he founded a subsidiary of FCB Waclaw Jopek in Sroda Slaska producing hollow walls and ceilings, brick facade - a modular, clinker brick and clinker fittings. This plant was illegally purchased by the German company "Roben" in the June 1994 year. In May 1993, it established a subsidiary of FCB Waclaw Jopek Radziejowice k / Warszawy in Sochaczew Enterprise Building Ceramics. In December 1993 based on the brickyard was established in Radzejowicach Ceramics Factory Building Waclaw Jopek Ltd., which started its operations from 1. 01. 1994. Brickyard in Radziejowice specializes in the production of clinker brick and a wide range of clinker and brick facade - modular .

In March of 1994. FCB Waclaw Jopek Sp. z o. o. has purchased a manufacturing facility in Sierakowice k / Gliwice from Katowice Enterprises Building Ceramics. In the brickyard were to October 1998. Produced bricks MAX. In June of 1995. FCB Waclaw Jopek Sp. z o.. purchased from the appointment of an Insolvency Opole Enterprises Building Ceramics in Opole brickyard in Paczków. Since 1996, the construction of a production line for large-size hollow poryzowanych, which was completed in early 1999. They are now produced POROMUR blocks with low thermal conductivity, used in the construction of external walls monolayer. In January 1998, Mr. Jopek purchased Klinkiernię "Ołdrzychów" Sp. z o. o., based in Nowogrodcu, which produces clinker full brick and hollow, shaped brick, clinker, treads and window sills. These products are manufactured based on ancient technology, a common way of firing causes that they acquired distinctive, original discoloration and shades.
In the fall of 1998. Began the modernization of brickworks in Sierakowice, in altering the production line and production technology allowing to start producing clinker hollow high quality and tailored to the clinker. The modernization was completed in 2000. From February 1999 until August 1999 continued modernization of the plant in Bytom. This modernization allowed to increase productivity and to obtain plain tiles for high performance technical and operational at European level.
Ceramics Companies Waclaw Jopek has a high frost resistance, high resistance to corrosion and biological stability, a characteristic color. It is produced from natural raw materials as a product environmentally clean and energy-efficient production process. Plain tile cover from running in August 1999, the modern production line, has one of the lowest water absorption - about 2%. These same qualities characterized clinker brick with the recently modernized production line in Sierakowice.

With a very high utility values ​​of products, particularly tiles, provide historic objects sacred and secular, to cover materials which have been used FCB Waclaw Jopek. Among the many include such architectural gems as the Wawel Castle, the Church of St. Mark in Kraków, Convent of the Benedictine Order in Tyniec or Arsenal in Wroclaw. In Germany Castle Branitz near Cottbus and buildings in the band Department of Meissen, as well as buildings cities: Berlin, Potsdam <Dresden, Leipzig or Radeberg. An example of implementation of the brick facade include Cardiac Surgery Center building in Krakow.

This is undoubtedly pottery at a very good level. No wonder, therefore, that the company's products have been awarded, among other things: the medal Housebuilding'90 and V Central Fair Thoughts Technicznej'90 for placing on the market of high-quality ceramic products, the main prize in the competition for the best product II International Construction Fair Olsztyn'93, I place International Fair Budownictwa'94 in Katowice, Grand Prix II Fair of Conservation and Restoration Miast'96 and the Gold Medal for plain tile at Poznan International Fair in 1998 and received a Certificate of Quality POLAND MISTER.