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Gerda Security Products

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Gerda Security Products
53/54 Chiswick Avenue, Mildenhall
IP28 7AY Suffolk
tel. (+48 22) 329 10 30, fax (+48 22) 329 10 94
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+44 (0)845 200 9435; +44 (0)1638 711028

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Company Description

The company operates in the security market since 1987, reaching in this field leader. Widely known for high-quality security doors, locks, lock the plastic windows and so-called intelligent protection systems
elektronicznej- are available. al. the effect of the introduction of innovative production technologies and organizational solutions. As expected, the audience GERDA attaches great importance to the aesthetics and design of their products.
We continuously strive to improve them so as to meet the needs of our customers. The area of ​​the company is gradually expanded in line with global trends in this area. Gerda is also a manufacturer of complete production lines, machine tools and special task forces, specialized machinery and equipment, automatic hydraulic presses with a head for threading, fasteners for the construction industry, packaging for the food industry and cosmetics. We design and manufacture tools - such. Dies, dies and molds.
The main object of the company, in accordance with its mission remains the safety equipment - under which systematically expanded the range of products offered. In January 2001, we will present a new security door exterior, characterized by understated elegance. Gerda market orientation implies not only high quality products but also care about the widespread availability - both for individual clients and construction companies and investors. This is achieved by a well-developed network of distributors and representatives in the country, which supplies wholesalers, supermarkets, shops and offices working with architectural design, general contractors of construction projects, housing cooperatives,
the boards of various companies and public institutions. In the field of broadly understood, modern methods of property protection, property, personal safety Gerda designs and implements professional alarm systems, access control monitoring, fire protection and CCTV. - Both for banks,
the military, government agencies as well as individual clients. Professionalism GERDA was spotted on the Polish market and abroad and won a number of awards and accolades - including the emblem Now Poland. Products with the sign GERDA have all approvals required burglary in Poland and certified BSI Group. GERDA company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 9002. For our new customers an important highlight is the fact that the Insurance companies - including PZU, Warta, TUiR provide consistent,
For many years the highest discounts on insurance for buildings equipped with the products of our company.