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Grupa Van Den Brink
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Company Description

Group Van den Brink has a 60-year tradition. It was founded in 1938 as a family business by Boudewijn Van den Brink. Today it is holding
7 manufacturing plants (6 in the Netherlands, one in Belgium). Since 1997, it belongs to the German group Haniel, which is a leader in the production of silicate materials in Europe (25% of the market).
Group Van den Brink Poland sp. Z oo has been operating on the Polish market since 1996. In 1996, he took over the Department Wapienno-Sand in Żabinku near Poznan, and from
1998 he is the owner of the plant in Wieliszewo near Warsaw. The development plans on the Polish market is to buy the following plants silicate, which is
ensure the company assuming a dominant position in the market for this material in Poland.

Silka - ecological building material

Silk in all aspects is the product of saving the environment from the point of view of production processes and properties.
Production process:
- Raw materials used for the production Silki found in abundance on the surface of the Earth, this process does not require any rare components,
- No toxic additives are needed to ensure proper bonding of the material,
- The entire production process is energy efficient.

Properties Silki:
- Silk provides excellent thermal and acoustic comfort - two factors very important to create a friendly living environment,
- Excellent water vapor permeability allows for the most favorable ratio of moisture inside a residential building and reduces the risk of condensation,
- Silk has a very low coefficient of radioactivity.
- Silk is very easy to work - it can be easily cut, drilled, milled; as a result of loss rates of the material is very low.


Currently, production is in factory lime-sand Group Van den Brink Poland is divided into two systems:
- Silk - traditional system based on the previously manufactured bricks and blocks lime sand, covered by the Polish PN-12003: Silk 1NF, 2NFD, 3NFD, Silk Rocky.
- Silk M - new system based on a modular embodiment 34 cm (length) x 20 cm (height of the block 1 + mortar cm) and thicknesses, respectively 8, 12, 15, 18, 24 cm - depending on the type and purpose of the wall. The blocks of the system have a tongue on one side, on the other groove, so that they muruje no vertical joints.


Thanks to its properties Silk is a versatile building material versatile. It can be to build both a comfortable family house, and the factory hall, supermarket or building of public purpose (office, bank, church, etc.).


In the last 2 years, with blocks of type Silka 3NFD they were built m. ​​In. German supermarkets METRO in Lubin, Legnica, Walbrzych and Poznan, as well as social buildings and offices of the Opel plant in Gliwice. Due to its design qualities, ecological and economic (lowest price!) Silk is increasingly chosen by the company's developer, housing cooperatives and TBS-y build a housing estate single- and multi-family (up to 8 stories high)