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Immergas Polska Sp. z o.o.

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Immergas Polska Sp. z o.o.
Wróblewskiego 18
93-578 Łódź
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+48 426845274

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Immergas Poland Sp. zoo.
93-578 Lodz
ul. Wroblewski 18
tel. (42) 684 52 74
fax. (42) 683 32 85

Polish group subsidiary Immergas under the name IMMERGAS Poland was founded in 1996. We sell and service of gas boilers throughout the country.

Since each country has specific building solutions, an important task for us was to canvass the needs of domestic users. This allowed for the creation of gas boilers offer tailored to the needs of Polish consumers. Systematically we introduce a new product.

Knowledge of the use of the products the company is transmitted directly by the employees of our Technical Advisory Department. This allows customers IMMERGAS Poland have access to the latest solutions in the field of gas heating technology.

The company's offer includes boilers, single and dual function, hanging and standing with open and closed combustion chamber, with power ranging from 21kW to 50kW. Such a large variety guarantees the satisfaction of each client company.

For all products we provide a 2 years warranty. Partners and service technicians, installers and architects receive from our company comprehensive support. Thanks IMMERGAS Poland is a leader in the segment of wall mounted boilers with storage. Immergas Poland 3 years is a sponsor of the "house available."