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Inproel Sp. z o.o.
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Storage heating idea is to use for heating arising mainly at night excess electric energy produced. As periodically superfluous, it is sold by the manufacturer for heating at a much lower price (tariff night).

Dynamic storage heaters companies INPROEL - DGA is a modern, energy-efficient heating equipment using mentioned, cheaper energy electric. Technical solutions: Adjust the amount of accumulated heat, hard thermal insulation of the storage block (not causing harmful to the health of dust), and dynamic, thermostatically controlled drainage system of heat affecting the comfort of use of these devices. Another advantage is significant, reaching up to 40% reduction in heating costs.
Available capacities devices od1,2 to 4.0 kW, allow their selection for each type and size of rooms.

Modern, compact device providing instantaneous heating by the exhaust hot air.
Protected against moisture and water splashes (IP24). Produced in three versions D10 / 20, D10 / 20-3, D10 / 20-60 satisfy the needs of any user.

They provide comfort and efficient, rational use of energy.

Immediate heating through the exhaust hot air. Three-stage blower switch: cold, warm (100 W), hot (200W) .Zabezpieczenie frost - automatically turns the device with temperature. Below 5stopni C.

Construction of drip - the ability to use the bathrooms.

Electric tank water heaters (boilers) from INPROEL - ZOW are intended for heating water and store it in a heated state.
They allow you to connect one or more draw-off points. Polyurethane foam insulation minimizes heat loss and reduces electric power consumption. Double-sided, anti-corrosion protection of the tank and the use of magnesium anode significantly increase the life of equipment.

The built-in temperature regulator. Will keep the temp. Of water in the range of 30-80 degrees C.

Modern, characterized by excellent insulation, non-pressurized tank water heaters for poj.5L - UFP.

Ideal for supplying hot water to one point of consumption. Available in over- and vanity unit.

The only manufactured in Poland pressure boilers with a capacity of 10L - 10 ZOW! adapted to the pressure line (to 0.6 MPa). Available on both versions, and poumywalkowej. Thanks to its design compatible with all standard, dwudrożnymi batteries.

ELECTRIC HEATER convector in 10/05
Due to the small size - ideal for very small spaces.
Protected against moisture and splashes - the ability to use in bathrooms, basements, conservatories, garages.
Protects against freezing pipes, valves in rooms without heating. The built-in thermostat ensures comfort