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Armatura Kraków S.A.

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Armatura Kraków S.A.
Zakopianska 72
30-418 Kraków
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Piotr Kolanowski, product development specialist ,, tel. +48 12 25 44 266
Katarzyna.Choniawko, marketing specialist ,, tel. +48 12 25 44 263

+48 12 25 44 200

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Company Description

Armatura Krakow SA is Poland's largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings. The company specializes in the production of batteries bathroom and kitchen. In 2009 he introduced a wide range of ball valves. Since 2007 Valves Krakow SA is a publicly traded company listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. In December 2008, with the appointment of Armatoora SA, a 100% subsidiary of Armatura Kraków SA, was formed Group fittings. Armatoora SA operates in the production and sale of aluminum radiators for central heating and other aluminum castings produced for the needs of the energy industry.

The main products Fittings Krakow SA batteries single lever and dwuuchwytowej (respectively 56% and 26% of sales revenue in 2008.), Primarily used in bathrooms and kitchens. In terms of volume, the company has about 40 percent. share in the domestic market fittings, which ensures its leading position.

Production of fittings Krakow SA is concentrated in a modern factory in Krakow, launched in 2006. The Company controls the full production cycle: from design, through casting and machining, to the final assembly of the product and its control in terms of quality. This allows a flexible response to the needs of the market and supplies its customers with products optimally suited to their needs. In 2008. The company produced more than 1.5 million batteries.

After the acquisition of an organized part of Toora Poland SA in bankruptcy, Armatoora SA started its activity in the production and sale of radiators and other aluminum castings and services and warehouse logistics Group fittings. From 2 March 2009., In the highly technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Nisku launched full production cycle and started producing aluminum radiator signed between the logo Armatoora SA. Due to the growing needs of production was introduced as czterobrygadowy system work. With assets benefited intercepted and technology Fittings Group plans cover about 40% of the domestic market for this product for 2012. (27% of sales revenue in 2008. Approx. 15% of the domestic market).

A very important advantage of the market fittings Krakow SA is an extensive network of product distribution channels. The company offers customers a wide range of goods via 70 warehouse installation and sanitation, and more than 100 hypermarkets construction, such as Castorama, OBI, Leroy Merlin and Praktiker. In addition, a network of 367 stores patron. To meet customers' expectations in terms of continuous improvement of the quality of services, fittings Krakow SA implemented the network of authorized technicians, who within 48 hours make repairs at the customer's home. Armatura Kraków SA was the first in Poland to introduce a guarantee of 100 years for casted elements in all families battery.

Fittings Group's strategy involves strengthening its leading position on the Polish market fittings. Ultimately, it intends to expand by acquiring new export markets. Sales growth will be possible thanks to the planned development of a manufacturing plant in Krakow and Nisku by increasing production capacity and expansion of warehouse space.

Revenues from the sale of fittings Kraków SA systematically grow. In 2008. They increased by over 13% compared to 2007, reaching a volume of 190.6 million zł. Armatura Kraków SA recorded a dynamic increase in other financial results. In 2008, the Company generated 19.2 mln zł EBITDA and 38.4 million zł net profit.

Fittings Group currently employs more than 800 people, of which more than 640 works in the valve Krakow SA.