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Company description Ruppceramika

Since the dawn of humanity seeking shelter and safety under the roof. Initially, these were the leaves and
Branches, today requirements are much greater. Also purely protective function of the roof is changing: "Custom
a roof over your head "became a symbol of social status. Today, it has to be beautiful and harmonized with the architecture
home. The market offers a wealth of covering materials. The offer is tailored to individual requirements and
financial capabilities. What makes our tiles so unique that we named precious stones
Rubin, Achat (Agat), Topas (Topaz), Garnet and Opal.

High-grade material

Precious stones and ceramic tiles are the "treasures of the earth." Clay of our mines has the perfect composition, so
they do not need the addition of artificial ingredients. I prepare with the utmost care to become
a beautiful decoration and long-term protection of the roof.

The variety of models

For millennia the basic form of tiles does not change much. The shape of the tiles should first and foremost
safely drain water and protect against the effects of wind. Many models are influenced by regional climatic conditions. In this way, they created a variety of models representing the charm of our modern towns and villages. Offering you five models, provide a unique opportunity to the individual shape of each roof. You can be sure that the roof will fit into the local landscape and preserve "its atmosphere."

Natural, warm colors

The tradition of colored roofs is very rich. The very nature through a variety of raw material formed first
shades of the tiles. Today, more technique avoids monotony in the landscape of roofs. Therefore we have a natural addition to red, which is available for each model - red copper, bronze and anthracite. For dried natural tile is applied engobe - the mass of clay from the same raw materials as tile. So covered with tiles are fired by what it earns mild Stained shine. The outer surface is completely resistant to atmospheric agents and remains beautiful in

noble shine

A new series of color tiles gloss "Quarzengoben" you can shape not only the appearance of the new building. Also buildings with historically colored roofs can again regain its luster. Let yourself be inspired by the elegance and beauty of the "shiny" tiles. You wish a unique roof, which emphasizes the architecture of the building, stands out significantly from the environment; black crystal is a noble Angoba "Edelengobe" for the most demanding roof shapes. It's interesting
upgrading shell tiles we offer exclusively for our models, Rubin and Opal.

Complete roof system

Each roof is as secure as its details - is why each of our models receive a complete system of accessories suitable for the tile colors. They are functional, easy
to install and safe to use. Our ceramic components are manufactured from the same high grade raw material and in the same color as the tile. Other elements produce
metal and plastic, since these materials guarantee the highest safety.

controlled technology

Even the best raw material needs careful processing and harmonious production at all its stages. Our facilities meet the highest standards of European art, and are the basis of our guarantee uniform quality. For your safety. This perfect the production process and has a high firing temperature allow us to produce uniform in every respect ceramic products with low water absorption. As a result, we are confident that our "precious stones" give in any climate lasting protection.