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Company description OPTIROC

Optiroc (yet under the name Skaanska) was established in 1871 in Scandinavia. Since May 1999, our company is part of the Heidelberger Zement Group - world's third largest company producing cement and construction materials. Initially, we were producing limestone, then cement mortars. Then gradually we offer the company expanded to new products. In 1940., The first products "construction chemicals". In 1960 we started the production of adhesives for tile, and the first self-leveling floor screeds were produced in 1968. Soon, our products have become a symbol of the highest quality. Currently Optiroc materials are manufactured in 67 factories in 17 countries around the world. They can be found on construction of Scandinavia and the UK to Spain, Portugal, Turkey and even Saudi Arabia. Optiroc products have been used in the implementation of the unprecedented number of sites, including the tunnel under the English Channel, oil platforms in the North Sea, the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. We create materials for a comprehensive build houses - from the foundations and walls, starting by interior finishing, finishing facades. Thanks to the innovative nature of the actions we develop dynamically, gaining worldwide recognition. We meet our customers' expectations, offering system solutions for construction problems. We constantly raise the demands on ourselves.


Optiroc in 1968 introduced the self-leveling pads under the floor - a technology that has revolutionized the flooring laid. We do not rested on his laurels. In 1973, the first in Norway and Finland, and in 1975 another 19 countries have patented a unique recipe pumpable mortar flooring based on cement. In 1976, we launched their mass production. Currently Optiroc is the world leader in self-leveling, cement floor of the masses.
Produced by our mortar floor are friendly to people and the environment, do not contain casein. A wide range of selection of the primer makes it possible for each type of substrate (concrete, wood, steel, mineral wool insulation and foamed polystyrene, PVC, flooring or terrazzo) and the method of application - the manual or mechanical (by a pump). Some of our mortars allow you proceed to the next work after a few hours after their installation. It is thanks to such solutions so far, the tedious process of laying floors go down in history.


The range of products Optiroc group includes more than 1,000 products. From popular products as adhesives and grout through specialty materials (eg, self-leveling flooring, and insulation systems), the highly specialized products like the mixture to work below the surface.


All bets Optiroc characterized by a high technological level, which guarantees the consistently high product quality.
In the production process we use only natural products, so all of our products are friendly to man and the environment. We work to meet the expectations of customers.
Attention to customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest level of product quality is confirmed by the group of companies granted Optiroc certificates of conformity of the quality system with the PN ISO 9000 Meeting the standards ISO 9000 and 14001 is the standard operation of the group of companies Optiroc across Europe.
The high quality of our products is the result of over a century of experience, backed by implementation of the objects in the world and still conducted intensive research. In our laboratories we create not only individual products but also system solutions for even the most challenging construction tasks. Therefore, the company's products Optiroc were used in the implementation of the unprecedented number of sites, such as high-rise buildings in Malaysia, drilling platforms in the North Sea, the tunnel under the Channel LaManche.
Regardless of the location and complexity of works Optiroc provides customers with the best performance and satisfaction with the work done.