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Pc Biegonice S.A.

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Pc Biegonice S.A.
Węgierska 144 H
33-300 Nowy Sącz
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+48 18 44-29-129

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Company Description

"BIEGONICE - NEW SĄCZ" SA - producer of building materials -Continue traditions brickyard was founded a hundred years ago on the best raw material in the bed of the richest Biegonicach near Nowy Sacz. Base materials for the production are the deposits of Miocene clays estimated na180 years of production.

The first reliable material on the brickyard mention 1890 when a man named Kwieciński expanded the Brickyard in Biegonicach. From this record Brickyard through various vicissitudes

From day 18/06/1991 Ceramic Company "BIEGONICE" turned into a private limited company previously the name of the brickyard remained unchanged since it enjoyed a reputation throughout the country
thanks to the good quality of our ceramic products.

On 31,01,1995r. Ceramic Company "BIEGONICE" Ltd has changed the status of legal personality for the company Ceramic "BIEGONICE" SA

Today, the name of the plant is "BIEGONICE-NEW SĄCZ" SA ul.Dobrzańskiego 14, and was adopted on the date of 01.01.2001r.

Implementation of sales produced by our factory products is through the dealer network, which covers substantially wojwództwa: Lesser, Podkarpackie and Silesian. With an extensive dealer network (180 outlets), and the continued participation in trade fairs, we are close to the customer.

Our factory was wielkrotnie recognized for the high quality of manufactured ceramic products and their aesthetics. The major awards include:
GOLD HELMET - przeyznany at the International Fair of Construction TECHNO BUILDING


BRONZE PILLAR CONSTRUCTION - awarded to the seventeenth Construction Fair YOUR HOUSE 2000

PLATINUM TROWEL -przyznana by Nationwide Biweekly Construction "Profile" at the International Construction Fair BUDMA 2001 for BIEGONICE HOLDING SA which includes BIEGONICE NEW SĄCZ SA as one of six companies