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Polska Ekologia
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The commercial offer of Polish Ecology you will find equipment for mining and processing of renewable energy, such as: solar collectors, heat pumps, photovoltaic cells. The flagship product of our company are solar installations based on the basis of solar liquid produced by the Polish
Ecology. We offer a very modern boiler room solutions not only ecological but also very economical, especially for long-term use. We assess residential, industrial, hotel, B & Bs, resorts, processing fruit - vegetable, slaughterhouse and butcher's shop, facilities and public swimming pools, in terms of the use of most modern and efficient technologies in the processes of heating, ventilation and cooling.
Renewable energy including solar enormously popular in the world, for many years, appreciated and preferred by European governments went through the development of guidelines
for EU member states. Established so. "White Paper" speaks not so much about the possibility that even the need to increase the share of renewable energy in the overall energy balance of all the members of the European Union. The share of renewable energy in overall demand for primary energy is expected to increase from approx. 6% at the end of 1997 to 12% in 2010. At the same time, the share of solar energy is expected to increase from 6.5 million m2 of collector area to 100 million m2 in 2010. The attention to ecology, environmental protection, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and NOx into the atmosphere has become a priority environmental policy in many countries. Traditional energy sources: coal, oil, natural gas run out. The prices of these sources is constantly growing, not only in Poland but also all world markets. For these reasons, energy based on renewable resources is appreciated also in Poland, both by politicians and by a large crowd of satisfied users and investors. The prospect of membership in the European Union and the related adjustment processes necessitate a certain degree moves Polish government. This is evident even in the form of launch preferential credit lines for the purchase of equipment for mining and processing of renewable energy. The Resolution of 8 July 1999. the growth of energy from renewable sources (Polish Monitor No. 25, poz.365 of 19 July 1999). Polish Parliament, recognizing the necessity of eliminating barriers to increasing the use of renewable energy called the Council of Ministers to take measures to create favorable conditions for the development of renewable energy.
The activities of Polish Ecology go towards mass dissemination of renewable energy, particularly solar. Our solutions and equipment used have a good brand. A number of tasks performed throughout the Polish brings savings and satisfaction of investors and users of our urządzeń.Firma Polish Ecology offers comprehensive services for equipment selection, design, construction and financing of heating systems using the device for acquiring and processing power
renewable also bivalent embodiments with conventional energy sources. Offices and regional branches of Polish Ecology provide support service, warranty and post-warranty service of our devices throughout the country.