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Pool-spa Sp. z o.o.

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Pool-spa Sp. z o.o.
Dąbskiego 35
72-300 Gryfice
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+48 91 387-77-00

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Company Description

2000 The new owner decided to focus on the production of sanitary acrylic, abandoning the production of swimming pools; beginning preparations for the expansion of the production plant.

1999 a change of owner - Even Olsen sells 100% stake in "POOL-SPA" Spanish company ROCA RADIADORES SA, one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary products in Europe.

1998 Start of production of steam and massage cabins and shower panels.

1997 Limiting the sale of products exclusively to a network of authorized users; therefore, they are closed own showrooms in Warsaw
and Wroclaw. Development of export goods to Hungary, Ukraine, Germany.

1996 Start of production of spa tubs.

1995 The company moves to a new location in Gryfice, ul. Dąbski 35, where it is today.

1994 in Wroclaw arises again after Warsaw, showroom.

1993 Beginning of export to Scandinavia.

1992 Start of production pools.

1991 Production is moved to Gryfic (the province. Szczecin); They are established first konatkty with business partners in Poland; on the Permanent Building Exhibition in Warsaw arises showroom POOL-SPA.

1990 Norwegian entrepreneur, Even Olsen, assumes a limited liability company "Pool-Spa" with a group of Polish colleagues starts in Trzebiatów (the then province of Szczecin), the production of acrylic bathtubs tub.

The company's offer includes:
- Acrylic baths
- Hot tub
- Massage cabins Steam
- Shared bath type SPA
- Trays and in sinks
- Swimming pools

The company POOL-SPA contains, among other things exclusive, multiple baths SPA, which are a combination of a small swimming pool with a bathtub. Depending on the size and type of bath tubs in it can simultaneously take from 2 to 6 people.

For multiple bath several people without water exchange allows system installed filtration and chemical treatment of water, which effectively combats developing water organisms. In addition to filtration systems and heating the chemical treatment of water, baths, spa baths and the like can be single systems equipped with hydro-massage and air-controlled sensorowym switch, located on the upper edge of the bath.

On the micro-switch sensorowym can determine the desired water temperature, bath time and intensity of stream water and air.

Ozonator is recommended, thereby reducing the amount of disinfectant dispensed to 90% and more effective control of bacteria in the water. For spa tubs for use by the public (eg in hotels, wellness clinics, etc.) In accordance with German standard DIN suggest the use of a large filter with quartz sand that is supported 6-function valve and is recommended to use an automatic dispenser of chemical pH control and chlorine content.