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Przedsiębiorstwo Ceramiki Budowlanej Harasiuki Sp. z o.o.

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Przedsiębiorstwo Ceramiki Budowlanej Harasiuki Sp. z o.o.
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Company Description

Produced by our company building materials are in line with European Union standards. The guiding principle of the plant is the production of building materials at the highest quality level is not deviating from European standards. PCB "CERAMICS Harasiuki" Sp. z oo Harasiukach produces:
- Hollow wall modular ZMS 30x20x20 (Max-188)
- Hollow wall modular ZMS 26x20x23 (U-220)
- Hollow wall modular ZMS 26x20x20 (U-188)
- Patterned brick -K-1M, 2M-K, K-2.5M, K-3M
- Brick modular ZMS 30x10x20 (DZ-188)
- Brick modular ZMS 30x10x23 (DZ-220)
- Hollow partition PD-2
- Block the smoke and ventilation ducts
- Brick hollow M / W
- Hollow ceiling Ackerman B-20/20 and B20 / 18
- Hollow foot Ceram 45B

From the materials produced in the PCB "CERAMICS Harasiuki" Sp. z oo are built residential and business throughout the country and abroad.

In order to ensure an appropriate level of quality of the company selects and evaluates the best suppliers. All of its clients the company guarantees:
- The products of PN
- Rapid and timely execution of orders
- Technical consultancy
- Guarantee quality.

Department implements a policy of continuous development, which is related to the implementation of new products.

Our goal is to not only meet, but ahead of the expectations of our customers. Our company is in the process of implementing the ISO 9002 quality system.