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Saint-Gobain Weber Terranova Österreich GmbH

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Saint-Gobain Weber Terranova Österreich GmbH
Gleichentheilgasse 6
A-1230 Wien
(Österreich / Austria)
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Telefon: +43 (0)1 66 150
Telefax: +43 (0)1 66 150-8

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Company Description

TERRANOVA is a company with a century of tradition in the production of facade: stucco, thermal insulation systems, facade paints and adhesives for ceramic tiles, products for renovation and many materials. Using many years of experience guarantee sustainable development and access to modern technologies and proven solutions for the construction industry.

The company offers a proven TERRANOVA 100 years of high-quality products, complete service and consultancy. Thanks to its international position guarantees a stable cooperation and responsibility for the products sold.
Since 1993 TERRANOVA is part of the company's largest manufacturer of adhesives for ceramic tiles. In Europe and the world has 57 production plants in 20 countries.

Weber is a member of one of the world's leading companies in the industry of building materials group Saint-Gobain. The group of companies employing more than 40 countries around the world about 120 000 highly specialized employees, providing them with a strong and secure facilities.
Supports them and helps in the realization of ambitious projects.

Taking into account above all the expectations of users, nasym goal is to continuously develop usłóg and products, offering appropriate and best practices, discover new opportunities in order to emphasize the beauty of your DOMUoraz co-create the image of a friendly environment.

In Poland the company has existed since 1995 and for this short period has become one of the leading companies in the industry plaster, insulation systems and building renovation.
Offered by WEBER TERRANOVA products are very high quality, tailored to the needs of the construction market. The company cooperates with architects, investors, building contractors and specialized trading companies. Company policy presupposes the development of local markets, one of the components is the construction nowoczesnyc h production facilities throughout the country.
In Poland, the company has two production plants, in Ostrowiec and newly established plant in Gdynia. In the current year we will begin production in the next two factories in the vicinity of Warsaw and Poznan. Opened manufacturing facilities are the most modern solutions in the field of construction chemicals, are equipped with modern lines echnologiczne and laboratories. All production processes are automatically controlled and monitored by highly qualified Polish specialists trained in the company's factories in whole Europe. At the same time with maintaining high-quality produced are placed on environmental protection requirements and therefore the factory zostaływyposażone in their own treatment.

Company policy is not limited only to the production and sales of materials. The company organizes training for polskichprzedsiębiorstw building that their execution has always been of the highest quality.

As a reliable partner, through a network of autoryzowanch construction companies and distribution pride ourselves on a huge number of reference objects, both inwetycji and small and medium-sized objects, where the products used WEBER TERRANOVA.
The aim, which guided our business is the beauty of your home.