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Sanitec Koło Sp. z o.o.

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Sanitec Koło Sp. z o.o.
Toruńska 154
62-600 Koło
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+48 63 261 84 00

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Company Description

Sanitec Group is the largest manufacturer of bathroom ceramics in Europe, she appeared in Poland in 1993 by buying a majority stake ZWS wheel.
Investments in subsequent years, led to the next plants producing products for bathrooms.

NEAR brand products and imported from other European companies of the Sanitec Group, we are able to equip every bathroom from standard to very luxurious. We want our products are not only functional but also nice, which is why we attach great importance to attractive design.

Our products in terms of quality meet the criteria of European standards, safety mark B and the German DIN and Dutch KIWA.

Sanitec is certified ISO 9002.

We give 5-year warranty on ceramics, bathtubs and showers.
We guarantee a 10-year supply of spare parts after the eventual cessation of the production of individual articles.

In recognition for its products and the products we sell are the medals and awards we obtained:
- A series of ceramic Applause received the Gold Medal of Poznan International Fair
- BUDMA 97, awarded the title of Product of the Year 1996 by the readers of Publishing Murator certificate 96 Good Design awarded by the Institute
Industrial Design and Promotional Emblem - now Poland.
- Series Nova, showers and baths Alpha and Beta have also been honored with the Good Design testimony.

We will gladly provide information on all of our products, please contact us.

Hotline number 0 800 17 17 17
Web address:

Welcome to Salon Exhibition Baths at our office in Warsaw.