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Schiedel GmbH

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Schiedel GmbH
Friedrich-Schiedel-Strasse 2-6
4542 Nußbach
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Tel: (+43) 050 6161 – 100
Fax: (+43) 050 6161 – 111

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Schiedel GmbH - Schiedel GmbH - Air bricks
Schiedel GmbH - Schiedel GmbH - Chimney system QUADRO
Schiedel GmbH - Schiedel GmbH - The chimney RONDO
Schiedel GmbH - Schiedel GmbH - The chimney RONDO PLUS

Company Description

Producer Systems chimney
The company Schiedel - the largest and most modern manufacturer of chimney systems in Europe. The company presents its products in 23 countries in Europe and belongs to the group Lafarge Roofing.
Since 1995, the experience of know-how is also used by designers, entrepreneurs and investors in Poland.
As the largest manufacturer of chimney systems, we offer a complete range of products that are able to solve any technical problem chimney.

Schiedel is a professional, safe chimney systems with 30-year warranty.

Safe chimney is a safe house.

Schiedel is a competent partner.
Where there is planned a new chimney Schiedel company is a competent and reliable partner.
Our products received positive feedback from the Building Research Institute in Warsaw and Krakow IGNiG expressed technical approvals.
Our products are recommended by the Corporation of Polish chimney sweeps.


The company Schiedel, part of an international group LaFarge Braas Roofing, as the largest and most modern oproducent and supplier of chimney systems offers a complete range of products in 17 European countries.

1. RONDO - two-layer chimney for solid fuels
2. RONDO PLUS - insulated chimney with ventilation for wszystkoch fuels and boilers
3. QUADRO - flue exhaust system (LAS)
4. air bricks