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Company Description

The business of the company - the Company - in accordance with its statute - is the production, services (technical support, training) and trade, and in particular the production of polystyrene panels production of specialty products based on polystyrene distribution of styrofoam extruded (the product of the German company BASF) trade in domestic and foreign.

STYROPOL sp. Z oo is a leader in the Styrofoam. The company began operations in 1991. In the first year 50 thousand were produced here. m3. Currently STYROPOL is Poland's largest company producing panels and other products of polystyrene for construction and more. The company consists of four factories located in four regions: north of Biskupiec - here is the head office and in Kalisz Pomorski, and to the south in Starachowice - the largest factory of polystyrene in Europe and Wroclaw. Each plant maintains its district warehouses through building materials. This allows you to minimize the cost of transportation customers from all over the country and ensures the consistency and timeliness of delivery.

In the first period, the main focus was on the production of panels for thermal insulation of walls in two basic varieties: PS-E FS 12 and PS-E FS 15. The growing since the inception of the scale of production, combined with the constant modernization of the machinery, the conviction of the need to innovate on the growing market for thermal insulation materials, led to a gradual increase the range of products. The company has introduced new products such as Styrotak, Styroflex, Styrotop, Styrodren, Styrogips, Styroplus and others. Products STYROPOLU been used in insulation of many public buildings, where disposers are known for their attention to quality and aesthetics of its facilities. These achievements made STYROPOL no peer competitor among the candidates in their industry.

The company STYROPOL being the market leader created the new standards. As the first in Poland began packaging boards shrink printed, which contained the logo and address of the company. At the same time adopted to standardize the dimensions of the plate according to the European standard, which is 1000 mm x 500 mm. From that moment on products they have become easily recognizable and the company began to stand out from the competition. Another advantage was the organization of highly specialized transport base. The special design of semi-enabled to deliver 100m3 of polystyrene once. This is more than can fit in a railway carriage (70m3) and TIR (90m3). The problem many customers for whom problems with the organization of transport were the main factor disrupting the rhythm of supply has been resolved. Attractive price, aesthetic packaging, specialized transport coupled with advertising in the press and expertise meant that rapidly began to grow the number of new customers.

As a leader STYROPOL was the initiator and originator of the creation of Styrofoam Manufacturers Association, whose aim is to protect the rights and interests of their members and the dissemination and promotion of knowledge about the need for thermal insulation materials in modern construction.