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VELUX Company Ltd

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VELUX Company Ltd
Woodside Way Glenrothes
KY7 4ND Fife
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Tel: 01592 778225

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VELUX Company Ltd - VELUX Company Ltd - Picture
VELUX Company Ltd - VELUX Company Ltd - Picture
VELUX Company Ltd - VELUX Company Ltd - Picture
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Company Description

For over 60 years VELUX engages their skills in the development of roof windows. Currently, our production facilities are among the best, and each stage of the production process is thoroughly inspected. In order to
ensure the highest level of quality and functioning of the windows in all the climatic conditions we use our simulator weather conditions.

Quality control in the company VELUX is conducted at four levels:
1. Quality assurance of raw materials.
During the production cycle of all raw materials and work shall be subject to spot checks in accordance with established standards VELUX. Eg. Wood is checked in terms of its quality and moisture content.
2. Requirements for all manufacturing processes.
All process steps were carefully documented by means of drawings and specifications. Keeping tolerance, meeting the requirements of durability and appearance it is forced by control
quality at all stages of production. In addition, the quality of inspectors consisting of regular inspection visits to make sure that the special requirements are complied with and that production systems are to them
3. Requirements for finished products.
Is carried out random inspection of finished products VELUX ie. Checks the quality of windows, their tightness, durability and appearance before leaving the factory.
4. analysis service calls.
The registration of all service visits made by our service personnel ensures that each encountered problem is documented and resolved. Also on the basis of improving the system of quality control sampling. Before the launch of the new product performs the following tests:
(A) Study of materials.
Checks the quality and type of materials.
(B) Laboratory products.
Basic characteristics of quality products are determined in specially designed laboratories. In the case of roof windows are leak test air and water, resistance to harsh conditions
The climatic and mechanical strength. Internal control VELUX ensures that the quality of products placed on the market at any time meets the highest quality standards.

At the same time conducted a thorough research and experiments are used for continuous improvement of products, their quality and durability, have in mind the satisfaction of users.

The best guarantee for our products is the name of VELUX. Thanks to technical innovations, the use of materials of the highest quality and over 60 years of experience, VELUX products have become the international standard for roof windows.

Our main aim is to maintain a good reputation.

Approvals and certifications

VELUX roof windows and roof hatch are certified in all countries where the present is a sign VELUX (eg. French CSTB norm, the German DIN 18055) and has been approved for sale on the Polish market by the relevant institutions. Our products have Type Approval and glazing granted mark B.