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Ytong Energo +

Xella Poland sp. Z oo is a pioneer in energy-efficient solutions in the construction industry. The manufacturer of branded products Ytong cellular concrete, calcium-silicate blocks Silk and mineral insulation boards MULTIPOR.

Ytong and Silka this innovative building systems with high thermal performance and durability that allow you to quickly and efficiently to erect buildings for different purposes: from single and multi-family homes, the large-scale industrial and commercial. Ytong Energo + is one of the few materials on the market that allows to erect single-layer wall meets the highest thermal requirements. The offer also includes insulation system MULTIPOR, which can safely be used on the inside of the walls, which is important in the case of thermo historic buildings. Highest fireproofing panels MULTIPOR causes that are also designed for ceiling insulation in underground car parks of public buildings (eg. The stadiums, office buildings, shopping centers).

Xella is also a manufacturer of large-size panels reinforced Ytong, which are intended for the construction of the outer curtain walls, interior walls and fire separation, and as slabs and roof allow for the construction of various types of roofing - from flat roofs, single and wielospadowych through roofs pilaste (szedowe), to the arched structures, as well as are used for ceilings.

Xella for architects
Xella is not only production, but also the entire technical and advisory support designers, builders and architects in the design of technologies Ytong, Silka and MULTIPOR. This is achieved by constantly extensive network of consultants and technical centers throughout the country, and the Department of Technical Sales Support and modern call center.

Xella priorities are product quality and innovation. The company is constantly improving its product range by introducing new products with even higher technical parameters. Xella is the forerunner of many solutions - as one of the first manufacturers of construction in the country has created an application that allowed its products to enter into BIM. This enables the overlay Rev-X Autodesk Revit . This allows designers to automatically select specific blocks, lintels and other elements in the project. Right away you can see them in a three-dimensional model. In parallel, there are quantitative analyzes of the materials used, along with their prices.

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Investors are increasingly in addition to home design offices require broad support related to construction, including advisory material, analyzes thermal baffle, contractor selection, and even the order at a good price high quality building materials.

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Experience and innovation
Xella Poland employs about 650 people across the country, has 12 modern manufacturing facilities. The company has a long and successful history - in 2015 passed 20 years presence in Poland by Ytong.
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