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Zakład Stolarki Budowlanej Wołomin S.A.

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Zakład Stolarki Budowlanej Wołomin S.A.
Geodetów 2
05-200 Wołomin
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+48 22 776 30 517

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Joinery in Wolomin launched in 1953 and soon the plant took a leading position in the country among manufacturers of windows and doors. Since its inception, the production treated equally both windows and doors. Such a policy is continued even today: the number of manufactured windows is similar to the amount produced doors.

The largest production scale in Poland and the widest range of products and improve the quality of the production and development of the sales network strengthened our position as a leader among Polish manufacturers of windows and doors. Carpentry Wołomin SA is a resilient plant, able to respond flexibly to market expectations. Buyers have available to nearly a thousand models, types and varieties of windows and doors.

For manufactured in the early 90's composite window, engineers Stolarki make every year a new, world-class products. In 1992, modernized design window units so that they can meet the growing demands of the market, in 1993, introduced one-frame windows painted eventually, and in 1994 introduced rails of laminated wood warstwowo.Rok 1995 is the first work on the windows jednoramowymi with aluminum housing, which in the full range occurred on the Polish market as early as next year. From year to year we followed the development of the production technology door. In 1993 - 1996 he perfected the production door plate painted and foiled, and introduced new products: exterior doors and garage doors. In 1996, joinery introduced to the domestic market a completely new product: veneered doors Milano and Venecja, world-class product, not manufactured in Poland so far.


There are some manufacturers of windows and doors, who talk about their products, they are the best ...
We do not say, because such an assessment is the sole prerogative of our client.

We say, however, that we have the most modern manufacturing equipment in Europe, the most experienced group of employees, use of the best producers of wood supply, waterborne paint, hardware point locking and double glazing.

We strive to provide you with the broadest portfolio of windows and doors, adapting to your needs, and do not impose their own solutions.

Carpentry Wołomin SA offers you the windows and doors in the classroom, "Little One", "the Volkswagen" and "Rolls-Royce.

It is you choose between the windows in our complex, jednoramowymi and those of the aluminum housing. You decide if your windows have to be made of wood pine, oak or mahogany. That you finally determine the
what parameters: heat and sound absorption - they have made for you windows.

We use all of our more than 50 years of experience and the latest technologies in what is now equipped our factory. We will make you will be satisfied with this purchase for many years.

The winner of the fourth edition of the "Poland Now"