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TFX130 Extra 60x120x72h
TFX132 Extra 85.5x94x2.5h
TFX133 Extra 85.5x94x72h L
TFX134 Extra 122.5x125x72h P
TFX135 Extra 122.5x125x72h L
TFX136 Extra 40x80x72h
TFX137 Extra 60x160x72h
TFX157 Extra 60x124.2x72h
TFX158 Extra 60x164.2x72h
TFX943 leg multifunctional 69.5h
TFXO90 Extra 100x100x72h
TFXO91 Extra 60x124.2x72h
TFXO92 Extra 60x164.2x72h
TFXO93 Extra 60x120x72h
TFXO94 Extra 60x160x72h

Furniture employee FOX


Designed with fantasy furniture system employee FOX, optimizes the use of office space. It successfully combines the streamlined design of economic rationality.


Easy to configure elements in the system FOX, it creates the possibility of creating a working environment regardless
of its size, layout, and other restrictions. Traditional solutions in interior was replaced here revolutionary proposals, whose primary goal is to reduce operating costs of office space. Tilting jobs and rational use of space above and below the table top can,
with furniture FOX, realize ideas for any space. An innovative solution sets are bilateral and functional shelves of cupboards tambour.


The FOX system reorganization has been the philosophy of the workplace. The current, most common in offices system
Hierarchical modified placing emphasis on internal communication. Operational space and archiving of individual positions provides employees both comfort and freedom. Wielowariantowość proposed solutions gives you the flexibility to customize the interior of the organization to current needs.
The modular series of FOX enables optimal equipment of telemarketerskich. Ergonomics is today one of the basic requirements of a modern call center.


Office-style FOX infuse joy and creative enthusiasm. The friendly atmosphere bring fronts, tops and supplies in
vibrant colors orange or blue. There are also versions in muted colors: maple, graying and bright pear. Friendly atmosphere in the office environment emphasize the rounded elements and cut into various shapes tops. Individual stations can be freely supplemented by various types of original stands, shelves, racks for CDs and floppy disks, containers for paper, and even miniwazoniki flowers. This creates employees
sense of personalizing their jobs.


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